Cleanse Day 7: A Poor Diet

Diet Rules To Follow

The world is getting sicker and sicker even though we have the most advanced medical technology. There are 3,000+ chemicals added to our food supplies and 10,000+ chemical solvents, emulsifiers and preservatives used for food processing. There are more than 160 ingredients used to make Pop Tarts, none of which are whole foods and 125 of which are chemicals. To meet the serving size of Pam at 0 fat, you can only use .25 gram serving, which is 1/3 of a second of spray. That’s a molecule! 7-11 sells 10,000 pots of coffee an hour, every hour, every day… Everything starts with personal choice,realizing that you can make choices and changes in your diet and lifestyle. If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule a consultation to do something about it, it’s real!

Let’s Discuss Common Symptoms Of A Poor Diet: 

  1. Fatigue and/or Foggy Brain
  2. Itchy Rash, Red Bumps, Skin Problems
  3. Digestive problems
  4. Food Allergies, Intolerance…or?
  5. Joint Pain, Body Pain, Headaches or Migraines

Your Symptom: Fatigue and/or Foggy Brain

Could chronic fatigue, low energy levels, foggy brain, listlessness, and trouble concentrating be reversed or improved, just by changes in your diet? The answer is: Yes! Many of our students come to us feeling sick and tired. Some of our students are eating really well, on a high raw food, vegan or vegetarian diet and yet they still feel tired. On top of that they also feel frustrated, because after all, when you’re eating healthier than everyone else, it just doesn’t seem fair that you are the one with the least energy!

By the time you find us, you’ve probably tried every supplement and superfood on the market and you might even be convinced that you’re in permanent detox mode from all the years of “bad eating” before. People around you might be saying, “You just need to eat more protein” and that can make you feel worse and confuses the issue even further. You might also think that doing a water fast or a detox is the only way to clear your body and have high energy levels again. It’s not true, although is some cases a form of detox may be necessary to help clear certain toxins. Even so, if you’re eating the wrong foods or taking the wrong supplements for you body after your detox, you will still feel tired so it’s not really a solution. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business executive, business traveler, busy parent, full-time student, scientist, doctor, airline pilot, teacher, professional athlete, engineer, musician, writer, lawyer or otherwise…you need energy in order to perform your best.

It’s your body’s natural state to feel high energy and happy. And when you get there, you know exactly what we mean! Waking up with a clear mind and natural energy to start the day is the best feeling ever. We’ve all experienced my own ups and downs with feeling exhausted some days and then having bursts of energy on other days or feeling wiped out from foggy brain. We also know the frustration of trying to crack the code. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you on this one. After years of doing this stuff, we now know how to decipher the maze and get you to the other side as fast as possible. We figured out which foods cause people to crash and burn, and yes…they can even be “so-called healthy” foods. What we’ve also learned is that there is no “one size fits all” because everyone is eating all kinds of combinations of foods, superfoods, supplements and there can still be deficiency or toxicity present.


  1. Refined sugar
  2. Flavor enhancers such as Monosodium Glutamate (including yeast extract)
  3. Caffeine
  4. Fried foods
  5. Artificial flavorings
  6. Preservatives such as Sodium Benzoate (E211)
  7. Foods high in Salicylates (especially dried fruit and in children)
  8. Fillers in supplements (including malodextrin, rice extract)
  9. Non-caking agents in salt (E535)
  10. “Natural flavorings”

When you look at that list above, how would you ever know where to start? Not to worry, this is what we do! We’ve worked with all kinds of people including professional athletes, race car drivers, airline pilots, fashion designers, entrepreneurs and business executives who are often traveling around the globe and running their bodies to the limit. We’ve had students who experienced extreme emotional trauma and simply fried out their adrenals from the stress. We’ve coached many other health coaches because our level of expertise goes way beyond food combining or how much carbs, fats and proteins the body needs. We’re checking everything from hormones to absorption levels to heavy metal toxicity to liver function.  We work with meat eaters as well as raw foodies. People come to us when they want real answers and real solutions and they don’t want to waste any more time getting it. We can put all of the pieces of your “health puzzle” together. We will have you checking ingredients of certain foods or supplements and telling you: keep that, ditch that, replace this with that, and so on. Our instructions are extremely precise and clear and we explain the reasoning for every change so you understand and learn what to look out for in the future. Some of my students have reported feeling high energy levels consistently again after just 4-5 days from our first session.

Remember these Food Rules:

  1. Stay out of the middle of the supermarket; shop on the perimeter.
  2. It’s not food if it’s called by the same name in every language.
  3. Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.
  4. Avoid foods that contain ingredients a third-­grader can’t pronounce.
  5. Treat meat as a flavoring or special occasion food (if you eat it).

Itchy Rash, Red Bumps, Skin Problems

If there is one thing I know better than anyone, it’s the pain and frustration of living with a skin problem. Because we know how to heal skin naturally, we can help you clear your skin too. Our students with skin problems range in age from 18 months to 74 years old! Could you be eating a high raw food, vegan or vegetarian or otherwise healthy diet and still have rashes and skin breakouts? The answer is: Yes! There are so many new ingredients and additives in food today, and they’re even in the healthy and organic versions, sadly. We’ve even had some students react to certain supplements or preservatives in supplements. We have the experience to know exactly what to ask you to find the most probable causes of your skin problem. You will see immediately in your first session that our questioning is extremely thorough and precise. Most likely for the first time, you will also feel that someone “gets” what you are going through. We’ve worked with pregnant women who developed skin problems during pregnancy. When we work with children, we will request that the whole family make changes together. It’s never a good idea to isolate a child’s diet from the family because in a child’s mind, eating different food than everyone else is very stressful. Feeling part of the family is key for the child’s success.


  1. Flakey scalp
  2. Raised red bumps or welts
  3. Puffy eyes, sticky eyes or itchy eyelids
  4. Chronically cracked lips
  5. Rash under eyebrows
  6. Itchy skin – hands, elbows, legs, torso, face, back, neck, anywhere
  7. Very deep nail ridges
  8. Itchy bumps with liquid inside
  9. Tight and swollen hands or feet
  10. Patches of broken, burning, red or irritated skin

Depending on who you go to, you could get three or four different names for the same exact thing…eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, urticaria (hives) and also acne. If you have internal inflammation, toxicity or deficiency, your skin can be affected. Trying to heal the skin from the outside will never give you long-lasting results and the suffering can persist for years with reoccurring bouts just getting worse and worse, never really going away. Clear skin comes from the inside out. Everything starts inside the body. Trust us, we’ve seen enough! When you work with us, we explain the reasoning for every change so you understand and learn what to look out for in the future. You do NOT have to go on a raw food or even vegan diet to get results. Usually we find there are between 10-12 foods causing the problem. That’s where we put the focus first. Some people react to chemicals like sodium benzoate, flavor enhancers, sulfites, Balsam of Peru or Monosodium Glutamate while others have classic food intolerances to simple foods like potato, lettuce, berries, citrus, chocolate or night shade vegetables. There may also be cross-reactive plant families involved so we will advise you of them too. You might have some nutritional deficiencies that we will identify from your iris analysis. You will not only save time, money and frustration but you will feel supported and know that you’re not crazy and your problem is not in your head…it’s in your gut! For skin and most problems, it is best to book a consultation to start so we can discuss your diet in detail. In some cases, we may need to try some elimination phases.

Your Symptom: Digestive Problems

Digestive problems can make you feel tired, bloated, gassy, weak, toxic, irritable and uncomfortable. You may experience pain and discomfort on a daily basis, and simple tasks like going out or traveling can become stressful and difficult. Over time, you may start to feel isolated and even have moments of despair. The good news is that you can improve your digestion by leaps and bounds just by altering your diet. The bad news is that you will have to actually change your diet in order to see results! Over 2000 years ago, Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” Maintaining a healthy digestive system is absolutely critical for good health and disease prevention. In fact, science has now proven that the composition of the gut microflora (aka good and bad bacteria) can influence your overall immune system. In the future, the cure for many diseases may very well focus on a balanced microbiome and maintaining good gut health. Any symptom of discomfort is a sign of imbalance. Most people do not wake up overnight with a huge array of gut problems. The sooner you address any problems you are having, the better. Learn to listen to your body and take care of problems early on so they do not turn into more serious ailments down the road.


  1. Acid Reflux
  2. Diarrhea, Constipation, or alternating between
  3. Gas, Pain, Bloating
  4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  5. Gastritis
  6. Hemorrhoids
  7. Diverticulitis
  8. Polyps
  9. Ulcerative Colitis
  10. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

As Dr. Bernard Jensen used to say, “You can’t have sweet thoughts on a sour stomach.” Life is truly joyous and wonderful when you get healthy in your gut. You may even find that other chronic conditions disappear naturally once you get your digestion working properly again. It’s truly humbling to see and understand how the body works as a whole. In working to heal your digestive complaints, our approach is to heal the body from the inside out. So, for example…if you come to us with chronic constipation and acne, we will work to eliminate your inner imbalance (constipation) first even though your focus will most likely be on the outer symptom (acne). You can never heal the body from the outside in, which is why creams and potions never work for long term results. It’s important to be gentle and patient with yourself and know that every positive step you take is one step closer to your goal. We’ve worked with students with all of the above ailments and in many cases, a combination of symptoms. Some of students have had surgeries or cancer and are looking to find a better approach in maintaining a healthy diet. We’re happy to work with you after chemo or radiation to help you achieve your goals, and we will never judge you for any choice you made. It’s our job to support you nutritionally in the best way that we can.

If you are currently on a strong medication like an anti-inflammatory for colitis or a Proton pump inhibitor (PPI) for acid reflux, we can work with you on healing and strengthening your gut and achieving a healthy alkaline pH through your diet. If you want to go off the medication, we must inform you that we are not  medical doctors and that legally, only your doctor can advise you to go on or off a prescription drug. That said, you can certainly work with your doctor if he or she approves the idea and they will tell you how to safely do so. An Iridology Analysis can be very helpful in working with digestive problems because it looks at all of the elimination organs – your lungs, kidneys, liver, skin, and colon. Are your eliminatory organs keeping up with their house work? If one of your organs is weak, all the organs suffer. When you pull a cat’s tail, it’s the other end that screams. Sometimes, there are silent conditions such as toxicity or inflammation that create an imbalance in another elimination organ, but you’re only feeling the problem in your gut. Using a holistic approach allows us to strengthen your body as a whole and avoid developing more problems down the road.

Constipation, the most common disease, has not decreased or improved in spite thousands of remedies for sale on the market, and in spite of so-called medical science, simply because the ‘diet of civilization’ is unnatural. 7 million people in USA have some symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Stress does not cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). However, because of the connection between the brain and the gut, stress can worsen or trigger symptoms. Americans spend roughly $725 million a year on over-the-counter laxatives. Men need 30 to 38 grams of fiber daily to support a healthy body; for women, the recommendation is 21 to 25 grams. Unfortunately, the average American consumes a mere 14 grams of fiber per day. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the United States. When you work with me, we explain the reasoning for every change so you understand and learn what to look out for in the future. You do NOT have to go on a raw food or even vegan diet to get results. If you have multiple health problems or multiple digestive complaints, usually 6 months to a year is what it takes to really turn things around.

Your Symptom: Food Allergies, Intolerance…or?

Welcome to the land of food allergies. It’s a confusing, frustrating, unfair, maddening and complicated place. Life can be a real bummer when you have to watch what you eat all the time. The good news is that once you navigate your way through and know what to eat and what not to eat, things get better really fast. Taking certain foods out of your diet and enjoying life is way better than being sick, feeling bad and not knowing why. Who is at risk? There’s a higher risk of food allergies and intolerances after trauma, illness or surgery, after extensive antibiotics, with hormonal changes, in people who move to a new country, in pregnant women and also after very stressful periods, either physically through extreme sport or spiritually/emotionally. Infants react to certain foods being passed through breast milk and formulas, even organic. If your newborn is crying all the time and never sleeps, we highly recommend you make some changes to their food. We’ve had mothers tell me that they have a different child after working with us. This stuff can truly be life-changing, for the better.

Science is just starting to catch up with the reality of what we are living in: a world full of toxic chemicals in the air, water and food that eventually can start to make you sick. It’s a real life experiment, and we’re the mice!


  1. Puffiness in the eyes, face or hands
  2. Swollen tongue or itchy mouth
  3. Headaches, dizziness and even vertigo
  4. Itchy rash – hands, elbows, legs, torso, face, back, neck, anywhere
  5. Gas pain, bloating, vomiting or diarrhea
  6. Acid reflux or constant clearing of the throat
  7. Joint pain
  8. Mucous or catarrh
  9. Foggy brain, trouble concentrating, mood swings, irritability
  10. Fatigue, depression, heart palpitations, anxiety


Food Allergies

An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system abnormally overreacts to a foreign, otherwise harmless substance. Whether it’s eaten, inhaled through the lungs, injected, or simply touched, the immune system recognizes it as a red flag danger. In an attempt to protect the body, the immune system produces antibodies that cause histamines to release into the bloodstream. The histamines trigger allergic reactions such as coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, rashes, and scratchy throats. Severe cases, known as anaphylaxis, can cause difficulty breathing, asthma attacks, and even death. There is no cure for allergies, although new research linking the bacterial microbiome in the gut with higher risk of certain allergies is making a promising link that some allergies may be connected to lack of certain species of gut microbes. The future of food allergy treatment could very well be all about gut health. If you have an allergic reaction you may notice a red skin rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or even a drop in blood pressure. Most people know what their allergies are at a young age, but some can develop later in life. The best way to get allergy tested is to go to an allergist and have either a skin prick test or a blood test. Both the blood test and the skin prick tests detect IgE antibodies to specific foods. (IgE is “immunoglobulin E,” the antibody that triggers food allergy symptoms.) The most common food allergies diagnosed today are: Eggs, fish, milk, tree nuts (including hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and Brazil nuts), peanuts, shellfish (including shrimps, mussels, and crab), soy, and wheat.

Food Intolerances

Food intolerance symptoms are not life-threatening and usually have a more delayed reaction time, anywhere from 1 to 36 hours depending on the level of sensitivity. They can cause a cocktail of symptoms including rashes, puffiness, migraine headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, stomach pains, cramping, difficulty concentrating, irritability, etc. Food intolerances can be misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia, ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto-immune disease, Lyme’s disease, eczema, psoriasis and other chronic health conditions. Infertility can even be related to food intolerances. Like allergies, an intolerance can develop at any age. We see a lot of students with both food allergies and food intolerances. Food intolerances are much more tricky to figure out because you won’t get a positive IgE test like you would with a classic allergy. But, you can still feel like you got hit by a truck even if you only have an intolerance. Doing an elimination diet is key; that means taking out certain foods or groups of food for a period of time. With food allergies, we often have to look at cross-reactive foods to successfully eliminate all of your triggers and get you feeling human again. We will never tell you to stop antihistamines or steroids but we hope that one day you may be able to abandon them on your own. Believe us when we say we know your pain. We think no matter what, you have to work with someone who’s been there. Many of our students have already tried eliminating wheat, gluten and dairy by the time they find us; however they are still have flare-ups and can’t figure out why.


This is the million dollar, or if you add in the pharmaceutical industry + Monsanto’s profits, the trillion dollar question. We are not a medical doctors and we can only speak from personal experience, but in our non-medical opinion, we think there are 3 major reasons why food allergies have been on the rise, especially in the last 20 years:

  • More genetically modified foods (GMO) in the food chain containing unnatural proteins in high amounts, making the body over-reactive to all types of natural proteins found in normal food;
  • Years of over-prescribed antibiotics that have disturbed natural gut flora and eliminated many good bacteria needed to digest proteins in food;
  • Massive overuse of pesticides and chemical food additives that simply put the body into toxic overdrive.

Sadly, most research is combined with trials of new drugs and does not look for natural “cures.” If you don’t believe us, check out this announcement from John Hopkins researchers where they’ve a “made the connection” between restless leg syndrome and high levels of glutamate in the brain…and guess what? They’re going to make a new drug for it! Of course, no doctor will tell you to simply stop eating foods high in Monosodium Glutamate to reduce your high glutamate levels naturally! Do you see what we are really up against here?


When you work with us, we start by asking about your symptoms. Do you have headaches, are you sensitive to light? Do you have trouble concentrating? Hot feet at night? Sticky eyes? It’s like a maze; when we get a YES, we know which way to turn and ask again. After that, we ask a series of questions in great detail about what you eat. If you use tomato sauce, we might ask to read us the ingredients. If you use supplements, we ask which ones and what brands. If you eat yogurt or rice pasta or get vegan soup from your local veggie restaurant, we may ask to track down the ingredients. we ask what kind of oil, vinegar, spices, and even what type of salt you use. We want to know what you order when you go out and what your favorites foods are. We know what patterns to look for with your symptoms because we’ve worked with thousands of students and we’ve learned the patterns. We can save you years of misery by personalizing an elimination diet for you. Once we identify your high allergen foods, we help you understand how to order at restaurants, what to do when traveling, how to deal with social situations and essentially how to live a safe and healthy life even with food sensitivities. We may also advise some type of detox program and added steps to rebuild your gut health, depending on the case. We explain the reasoning for every change so you understand and learn what to look out for in the future. You do NOT have to go on a raw food or even vegan diet to get results. Two things you will need to succeed in overcoming food allergies and intolerances:

1) Patience.

2) Perseverance.

That’s the reality. Take a deep breathe, accept that it will take time but know that you CAN find relief. For these cases, it is essential to book a  session so we can discuss your situation in detail. Usually there is a progression of steps and it takes time in between to see what’s working.

Your Symptom: Joint Pain, Body Pain, Headaches or Migraines

Chronic pain is one of the most common health problems in the United States. Our approach in helping you eliminate pain is to work on decreasing internal inflammation, taking care of mineral deficiencies through better diet and minimizing any trigger foods that can bring on an episode of inflammation, headache or pain. In some cases, tweaking the diet can work wonders. In other cases, we may have to do more detox protocols. If there have been multiple injuries or surgeries, we will also have to address internal scar tissue with additional protocols. Each step needs to be done in the correct order for optimal healing. After working with us, making several dietary changes and beginning a regimen of regular gallstone and liver flushes you could pass some gallstones and notice pain going away, never coming back! We’ve seen so many success stories just from cleaning the body from the inside out. We are able to identify the trigger foods causing pain and give a clear list of what to eat and what not to eat. Pain could even go away within just a few days or weeks, without any need for additional surgeries. We’ve worked with many students with chronic headaches and migraines. In our experience, we find these are very easy to reverse with diet and botanical herbs. Usually there are some deficiencies present in addition to food sensitivities.

With chronic pain after accidents or surgery, my approach is to reduce all silent inflammation. We’ve had very good success in eliminating pain after head trauma from falls and car or bike accidents. Back injuries can be more complicated, but we have seen clients make significant progress.We’ve worked with some folks for about a year, and watched them just get better and better. Gout is a certain type of pain condition related to elevated uric acid levels. It can cause swelling, aches and pain in the hands, ankles and feet. Uric acid is a metabolic waste, meaning it comes from digesting certain foods. If you take those foods (and certain food additives) out, you will no longer have elevated uric acid levels. Gout is actually quite easy to reverse but you have to be willing to change your diet. Supporting the kidneys with cleansing herbs and foods helps too.

Chronic fatigue, chronic pain and fibromyalgia cases usually require their own protocol of detox and high boosting mineral reserve. Often, the small intestine is not absorbing all the nutrients so some detox is focused there. Parasite cleansing and/or heavy metal detox may also be necessary. Fibroids and ovarian cysts can cause significant pain in women and are an increasingly common pain condition seen today. The protocol on these cases also varies and it helps greatly to do an Iridology Analysis first. We’ve seen many successful reversals of these conditions. The best results are with a combination of detox and herbs. Healing can occur in less than 3 months. Menstrual pain and PMS are other chronic conditions that can definitely improve with change of diet. In some cases, we may need to focus on balancing hormones too. Digestive problems come with their own long list of pain complaints. As long as the client is willing to change their diet, we can help. That said, we often find some underlying food addictions, and we have to work together to find a comfortable pace for change. we have a wonderful natural protocol to eliminate hemorrhoids literally overnight.


  1. Turmeric
  2. Ginger
  3. Fennel
  4. Celery
  5. Cabbage

We usually don’t hear back from chronic pain clients after they heal themselves (We give all the credit to them of course!) because after having been out of commission for so long, they’re usually off and running to catch up on life again. It makes us very happy actually because we know that no news is the best news! When you work with us, we explain the reasoning for every change so you understand and learn what to look out for in the future. You do NOT have to go on a raw food or even vegan diet to get results. If your only symptom is pain or if you have multiple health problems in addition to chronic pain, we recommend a consultation to start.