Cleanse Day 3: Detoxification

Why is “Detoxification” the key to your health?

When faced with a health condition or disease, we essentially have two choices – treatment of symptoms or detoxification. The first choice is allopathic (pharmaceutical medicine) which is the most common medical approach. With this, there are three options: chemical medicines, radiation or surgery. All of these treatments have some degree of harmful side effects. With allopathic medicine, you always hear about potential cures of diseases but it is not common to see it happen. The reason being is that these forms of treatment are not designed to remove the root cause of the problem (which is clearing out the acid or congestion that cause the inflammation and breakdown of tissue in the body). The second choice is natural (traditional) medicine, which uses products from natural sources or herbs to treat the symptoms. Much of naturopathic and homeopathic medicine these days has become a treatment based modality as well. However, there is a branch of naturopathy which is detoxification – a less known approach that has been used for hundreds of years by millions of people worldwide.

Detoxification is the key to health and vitality. It is not a system of treatment or a way to remove symptoms. It is a system that addresses the root cause of the disease (and the symptoms go away by themselves in the process). It goes on the premise that the body is the healer and we are only facilitating or giving it the ability to heal itself and putting it in the optimal state or letting it use the optimal tools to clean itself out at the source of the problem. Detoxification begins first with putting the body back in an alkaline state where it isn’t in survival mode trying to compensate for over-acidity. We do this first and foremost by feeding it an alkaline diet and the best possible things are fruits and vegetables (preferably raw). Second, we work with herbs / botanicals that clean, tone, strengthen and regenerate the elimination system of the body and any other compromised systems. Herbs are a gift from mother nature and have been used for thousands of years for healing. With very few exceptions, they are safe, non-toxic, tissue specific, highly nutritious (since they aren’t hybrid), and extremely effective. Furthermore, there are few conflicts between herbs and any other medication.

What Is A Healing Crisis?

One thing that a person can expect during detoxification is the healing crisis. Many people, including healthcare practitioners do not understand this process as they should. The body is always trying to keep itself clean and strong by means of detoxification. This is done through sweating caused by fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, frequent urination, colds, flu, and by simple daily elimination. The more toxic a person becomes, the stronger the cleaning will be. Take the condition of bronchitis for example. If the first time you had symptoms of bronchitis you went to your doctor and she or he gave you antibiotics, or a very high dose of vitamin C, the symptoms of bronchitis would stop. These remedies did not remove the inflammation and congestion, they merely stopped the elimination process or symptoms. Results like these give the illusion that the condition was cured. However, maybe the next time your body tries to clean itself out, it could have symptoms of pneumonia. The reason for this is that bronchitis and pneumonia are not diseases but are merely inflammatory or congestive conditions that the body is trying to eliminate. Your symptoms become deeper and worse when you suppress them.

The same thing happens with foods. No one told you about what foods caused congestion. So you continued eating foods that caused increasing amounts of mucus and congestion. After a certain point, the body reaches a point where it has to clean this congestion, and this causes an even deeper level of cleansing. If you stop the body from elimination, eventually your lymph nodes will swell and then even tumors can form from holding these toxins and mucus too long. Most people will experience only mild cleansing effects during a detox. These are normal effects and actually a sign that the detoxification process is working well.

Our Transforming DETOX program will educate you on how to heal and cleanse yourself.

Through simple recipes, tips, and guidelines, you will be guided step-by-step through our unique 7, 21 or 90-day detox programs. It will cover everything you need to know each day of your journey. Empowerment is knowledge put in to action, in your life! This is a practical program, where the emphasis is on your personal experience with the information we share with you. You will feel a sense of personal support every step of the way. Make inspiring, better choices with us and see just how much your life changes for the better. After one of our amazing 7, 21 or 90-day detox programs, you’ll feel empowered and inspired to take control of your health on all levels. You’ll get a clear understanding of the importance of living foods, and gain the confidence and skills in your kitchen to create the most satisfying and tasty smoothies, juices and raw food alternatives. At the end of your program, you will have all the tools you need to incorporate what you have learned into your everyday life with ease and continue to perform cleanses year-round as needed. Your understanding of health and nutrition will be different your confidence with this stuff, through the roof!

There is no magic button to achieving better health. There is no quick-fix, no pill or supplement. There is no product of any kind that will restore health in an unbalanced, diseased body. ONLY the body can do any healing, balancing, or regeneration. Every one of us are responsible for our own lives; including our health. We are responsible for how we feel, and how we look at and experience the world. Responsibility means there is no one to blame, and no one to put in charge of your choices. Being in charge of your own health doesn’t mean you don’t ask for expert assistance when needed. But it is you that is the one making all the decisions (good or bad). Taking responsibility for our health, what you eat, think and do must be a conscious choice — knowing that there is cause and effect. If you’re not feeling the way you want to feel, know that you can change the path you are on at any moment and invite a potential transforming miracle to come into your life. Only YOU know how you feel and ONLY YOU can change the direction you are heading… When we let go of what is holding us back, magic happens.

The old myths that dairy is good for us, that we need to eat animal flesh for protein, and that fruit has too much sugars, are falling apart all around you. We have been led on a destructive degenerative path, that we now see unfolding. Most of us are sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s time to thrive, instead of just survive another day! Look to nature, get back to the basics, have trust in your own body and its ability to heal. Eat fresh living organic foods like you were meant to eat. You are so worth it—we all are!

Ask Us For Help. Feel better, Gain energy, Lose weight, Get healthy!

Are you feeling tired, sluggish, unhappy, confused or irritable? Are you so stressed or physically unwell that you cannot see or fathom any end to the madness around you? Do you know you need to do a detox but are too busy to even figure out when, where or how? Well, look no further. We can come to you! There are 2 options available for your Personalized Detox. One is to assist via the phone (we can use skype) and emails to get you on the right program that you need and also to provide ongoing support during your cleanse. The other option is to hire us to fly directly to you.

With our unique experience in detoxing, cleansing and fasting programs, we are your trusted experts. We know all the products and tools you need to do your cleanse in the comfort of your own home. Don’t waste time and money on detox programs that either don’t work or that your body doesn’t need. Get on the FAST TRACK with the right program, the right herbs and correct, safe steps. The reward: REAL results that actually last! We have personally experienced many physical ‘cleansing reactions’ as well as emotional crisis’s and even spiritual shifts during fasting. We have healed ourselves from so-called ‘incurable’ ailments using cleansing and detoxing, and we know first-hand that the body can reverse dis-ease.

To begin your Personalized Detox, you will simply be asked some questions so we can determine your goals for your cleanse and understand your health history. From there, we will immediately begin the preparations for you. You can discuss with your coach how long you would like to fast, whether it is 7 days, 21 days, 90 days or somewhere in between, what type of cleanse you would like to do and where you would like to be for your healing. Whether it’s a raw food cleanse, juice fast, colon cleanse, liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, parasite cleanse, candida cleanse, heavy metal detox, water fast, or just a general detox program, it’s important to have an experienced expert guide you along the way. We will help you prepare your daily schedule of juices, teas, broths, detox drinks, water or herbs. We will teach you how to get the purest water for your cleanse and ensure that all of your products are organic, high quality, natural, whole and pure and where to go to do colon hydro-therapy for the colon cleansing portion of your program.

Going about a detox the smart way is key:

When your start to do a detox, juice fast or cleanse, you might expect to start feeling better right away. However, sometimes the exact opposite happens. As old, excess toxins flush out and unwanted bacteria, microbes and viruses die off, you can actually experience a temporary detox or cleansing reaction. You may suffer from mild headaches, nausea, chills, sweating, fatigue, aching muscles, mucous, body odor, rashes, dizziness, weakness or even foggy brain for a few hours or in some cases, a few days. This temporary feeling of illness is actually an intense sign of healing. These reactions can indicate that your body has started to cleanse itself as it quickly tries to catch up on the overload of toxins being released.

Are you getting ready to do a detox, cleanse or juice fast and want to know how to prepare? A pre-cleanse is important to gently ease the body into the detox and minimize any cleansing reactions. Many people trick themselves into eating and drinking whatever they want before doing their cleanse because, in their mind, they are going to eliminate all those toxins out so why not indulge as much as possible right before? Wrong! Those are the very people who always suffer the worst through the detox, complaining of headaches, fatigue, nausea and even vomiting. The quality of your detox is directly proportional to the quality of your pre-cleanse. When you prepare the body in the right way, you will go deeper, faster, release more toxins and usually lose more weight in a shorter period of time. If you plan to fast for 7 days, then ideally a 3-week or 21-day pre-cleanse is best. Try to have a Green Smoothie daily, either as a replacement for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. During that time, you should eliminate all coffee, wheat and refined sugar. See a gentle progression of elimination in the recommended pre-cleanse schedule below. This is a gentle way to increase your vitamin and mineral reserve so you go into your detox being mineral-sufficient, not mineral-deficient.

Your Pre-Detox Schedule:

  • 3 Weeks Before: Eliminate refined sugar and alcohol (Remember: alcohol is liquid sugar!) Start drinking 1 green smoothie daily.
  • 2 Weeks Before: Eliminate wheat and all gluten products. Choose organic quinoa or brown rice instead.
  • 1 Week Before: Eliminate coffee. Drink organic green tea instead.
  • 3 Days Before: Eliminate salt. (Note: salt is often hidden in canned, packaged, frozen and restaurant foods).

Remember: Each week, you’re adding another food category to eliminate. When you reach 1 week before your detox, you will have already eliminated all refined sugar, alcohol, wheat, gluten and coffee. Having all the minerals your body needs allows the process of detox to rapidly increase. You will most likely start eliminating more mucous plaque right away compared to other fasters who did not do any pre-cleanse. A daily Green Smoothie give you lots of chlorophyll (one of the most necessary elements for healing) and fiber (the colon’s natural broom for cleaning). Even after you finish your detox, keep the daily Green Smoothie in your routine as a mini-detox and reboot every day. The fiber in the Green Smoothie should help you have healthy, daily bowel movements after your colon cleanse to keep your body clean and feeling great. Are you looking for a fast & easy detox you can do at home? You’ll get a chance to clean your kidneys, skin, colon and liver with specially designed recipes for each elimination organ. In just 3 days…yes! It’s totally possible!