Cleanse Day 1: Healer Is You

Welcome to DAY 1 of your 21 DAYS TO GET CLEANSED. 

Here’s 21 lessons that will help you clean up your body, mind and life from the inside out! I’m Glenn Hattem, your COACH! In just 21 days we’re gonna challenge you to transform your daily habits into ones that produce unbelievable results. Let’s get started on this journey of health and vitality… IF you take the time to read these short lessons and incorporate them into your life you’ll produce your desired results and so much more than you ever dreamed possible! Okay, here’s your first lesson.

Your Body’s Ability To Heal Itself Is MUCH Greater Than You Have Been Led To Believe! 

Poor health today is created through genetics, acidosis, and toxemia. Most of our physical bodies have many weaknesses and a lot of toxicity already in them at this moment. Cancer is at a level of degeneration of cells never seen before. The mutation of cells is at an all time high. To stop this downhill spiral into atrophy and decay, one must learn the fundamental laws of chemistry and physics. These sciences express some of the natural laws of nature that are essential to understand in the degenerative process, as well as the regenerative process. Getting well (and beyond) takes dedication, self-discipline, and hard work. These next 21 days are designed to make you think for yourself vs. trusting a guru on a mountain top importing bits and pieces of wisdom that only leave you more confused and disempowered. It is extremely important that you understand why and how to detoxify yourself and that it is not all fun and games. This is a serious process, which can have very real and life-threatening side effects called the “Healing Crisis.” It is vital that one understand the healing crisis and how to work with the body in its efforts to clean and rebuild itself.  Your success in helping yourself cure and rebuild yourself lies in your wisdom, knowledge and level of experience with this unique process. It’s time to begin changing your consciousness about health and the truths that nature expresses. Relax, clear your mind, and feel this calling (from your heart) as you understand it to be at this moment as you embark on this blessed journey of truth and self-discovery. Good luck!

Through our actions, and gaining the momentum of movement, and change…evolution happens within us and the world that surrounds us. We tend to know, analyze, and talk about our visions of a higher expression of life, but rarely do we walk the talk consistently enough in our daily lives to manifest them. If we truly want to serve, to give and to empower ourselves and others, we need to act upon our visions of our potential, our higher selves. Being the change you want to see in the world means acting accordingly to your ideal situation, even if it’s not there yet. Any change starts with a thought, a feeling, but only when connected to right actions will you begin to manifest your desired outcomes. Live like you really mean it and be inspired to take enough action to be better, do better and have a better experience of life. It’s time to begin freeing up yourself of anything that does not give you the highest vibration, that no longer serves you and others well. How about a pain free, happy life? Let us all walk lightly on this earth and cause no harm to ourselves or others.  Start by taking a good hard look in the mirror and simply asking “How can I serve?” Listen closely and the answers will come to you.

I have served as a coach, a mentor and healer for over TWO DECADES now and know exactly what it takes to turn things around. At GET IT BACK UNIVERSITY when someone’s ready to get healthy, we keep things simple by recommending a raw food diet and highly selective, high quality, powerful botanical herbs, designed to support in the regeneration of tissue and aid in detoxification of the body (we leave out room for any confusion). We can’t improve on nature. Whenever you feel lost, out of balance, sick, tired or confused, just look to nature. There you’ll find balance, energy, love, harmony, and connection to all that is. That perfect nature is what we are all made of, it is what we are a part of. What applies in nature applies for all humans. There’s no need to try to improve anything, only when we try to do we get into trouble. We let our minds and egos get in the way of our intuition, or true connection with creation.

There are two sides to chemistry, ACID and ALKALINE. The acid side is corrosive, degenerative, dehydrating and dis-ease creating (cooked foods, diets high in animal proteins, dairy, processed chemical laden so-called foods and medications and supplements). Choose the alkaline side for health, vitality, hydration, cell-regeneration, and a pain free body (raw fruits and vegetables). Be grateful for this knowledge and choice that you have. There’s a simple way to great health. Knowledge becomes power when inspired into action. It is natural to feel happy and it is natural to be healthy. Your life is in your hands and YOU are the one living with the benefits or consequences of the summation of all of your choices. It is time to re-enegerize, re-charge your drained battery and get it running at an optimal and thriving level. YOU have to take back that power, YOUR power. YOU are in charge and YOU are the change you have been waiting for. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FEEL SICK! Let go of the belief that disease is something that needs to be endured. Say yes to true healing and regeneration though proper detoxification (removing what no longer needs to be stored and rotting inside of you) and sound nutrition that helps you continuously rebuild a healthy body.

Let your body, mind, and spirit heal and thrive. When you become fearless, life becomes limitless. Make this your time to take back the health that you deserve. Do what is needed to get there! WHY ARE YOU SICK? When the body is not functioning optimally, it is showing signs and symptoms of being overly acidic. The lymphatic system is not transporting out the waste through your kidneys and the inner terrain is thrown off balance. Parasites, fungus, heavy metals, all thrive in an acidic environment. When acids win, you lose. But with proper detoxification, alkalization and hydration, the reverse will happen, regeneration will take place. Your body is speaking to you through your symptoms — begging you to stop what you are doing! When you want something to change, then change something! Your body is protecting you through inflammation, high cholesterol, and edema. It is simply doing its job, asking you to do yours. It is not “normal” to feel low in energy, to have impaired vision, headaches, muscle and body aches, indigestion, constipation, low sex drive, being overweight, etc. It is natural to be healthy (just not common) and, no matter what you are experiencing right now, you can and will get better


IF you’re open to asking for some help with this, we will be more than honored to inspire and guide you towards optimal health and joy in all areas of your life. Our passion at GET IT BACK UNIVERSITY is to help people feel their very best, no matter how ill, sick, depressed, or hopeless they feel today. Life is a journey and we will inspire you to take charge of YOU! Taking responsibility for yourself means being conscious of your choices (what you think and eat, do with your time), knowing that there is cause and effect. If you’re not feeling the way you want to feel, know that it can change at any moment. Every minute of the day holds the potential for small changes that can led to miracles.

Would you like to have more energy and vitality and feel better than you have for years? Would you like to have the knowledge and tools to get to a place where being free from pain becomes a real possibility? Would like to lose weight and keep the weight off for good with the understanding of exactly what parts of the body are responsible for controlling weight, what foods do what to the body and are contributing to problems, and what the role of the emotions are as they relate to diet? Have you been unable to find any relief or improvement to your health condition you’re experiencing? Already explored all of the usual options or avenues of support..and you are now open to a new approach, new possibilities of a positive outcome?

You can connect with us for a 1-on-1 Initial Consultation to find the best way for you to make the life changes that will help you get started on your way to a healthier stronger life. We offer a wide variety of options to meet your needs. When you sign up with us you’re taking the first step to reclaim your true health and purpose. You can expect we will give you the full attention that you deserve and the ultimate custom designed support and encouragement needed to be successful. Through accessing our experience and knowledge, we will inspire and guide you to achieve your personal goals. You just have to be ready to do what it takes to reach them. Through a step-by-step plan of eliminating obstructions, strengthening glands and organs, and letting life flow, we will restore and rebuild your health!  Expect your coach is fully trained and qualified.  We currently see students via Skype, phone and in person coaching sessions in between workshops and health retreats.

I have been working with raw food, juices, smoothies and detox for quite some time now helping people to heal themselves. Today, this expertise is shared worldwide through our website, several authored books, online memberships, workshops, trainings and one-on-one consultations at various wellness locations. We specialize in helping people improve the quality of their lives, just by improving the quality of their food, exercise choices and beliefs about what’s possible. We continue to find fresh, innovative, new ways to educate, motivate and inspire others on their journey of healing. Interested in working together?


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