Cleanse Day 18: Vibrancy

Achieving “Vibrant Health” is your responsibility…

But asking for professional help makes things a whole lot easier and enjoyable. Rather than guessing and experiencing frustrations, get the guidance, accountability to stick with and structured support to ensure your success. Work with an expert you can trust. Work with someone to determine your areas of specific tissue weakness in your body. One example of this is having an iridology reading from someone adept in using this tool. This is an excellent form of soft tissue analysis (which provides a great road-map of the specific areas of your physical strengths and weaknesses. This information can be combined with blood work analysis, basal temperature readings, and other tools in developing a plan around where to focus efforts. In the meantime, here’s a few small tips that will have a huge impact once you start adhering to them.

  • Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings
    Surround yourself with people who believe with certainty that you can turn around whatever health condition you are experiencing. Remember that turning around any condition starts with you believing it’s possible. Limitations are often things we have inherited by default from others (by not closely examining the validity of these ideas at the time we took them on). We then forget that we were responsible for taking on these belief systems and started relating to them thereafter as if they were the truth.
  • What You Eat, Breathe, Drink & Put On Your Skin Brings The Outside World In.
    Diet is the second key to success. The more closely you can eat fruits and vegetables in their natural and optimal state (i.e. organic, properly ripened, free from chemicals, chemical alteration, processing, additives, even heat from cooking) the better off you’ll be. For certain chronic and degenerative conditions like cancer and many others you’ll want to consume as close to a 100% raw food diet of fruits and vegetables as possible.
  • Learn How Your Body Works
    Develop a basic understanding of how the body works and what disease is in the body is caused by. The body has a digestive, absorption, assimilation, and elimination system. The key one to focus on is to clean and restore the elimination system. The vast majority of health conditions that are experienced by humans originate in the lymphatic system (which is part of the elimination system). An effective way to achieve this is by eating raw fruit and vegetables and supplementing the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins and blockages with herbal formulas which work on the kidneys, bladder, lymphatic system, and gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) to have these elimination systems functioning much better.
  • Restore Proper Levels Of Bodily Functioning
    Pretty much everyone has weaknesses in their endocrine glands. Determine the level of functioning of your thyroid gland with the basal temperature reading and by looking for other tell-tale signs on the body (i.e. hot/cold hands feet, hair loss, brittle fingernails, varicose veins, prolapsed organs, etc). Also – check your blood pressure and look at other tell-tale signs to determine the level of functioning of your adrenal glands (i.e. insomnia, anxiety attacks, chronic fatigue, sciatica, arthritis, cholesterol levels, other inflammation in the body, etc.). Use a raw glandular which binds with the tissue in the associated gland which stimulates it to produce what it does naturally until proper function is fully restored.
  • Get In Enough Quality Exercise EVERY Week
    Walk, swim, and sweat. Exercise is very important for moving your lymphatic system (essentially the body’s sewer system) which takes cellular waste from the body to the kidneys, skin, lungs and bowels. Your skin is your largest elimination organ and sweating is vital to removing accumulated toxins from your body. Hot and cold showers also help to keep it clean.
  • Use Botanical Herbs To Rid The Body Of Bad Build-ups & Strengthen Weaknesses
    Use an herbal parasitic formula in the beginning of your detox. This will reduce the microorganisms like candida and bacteria which affect the body’s desire for certain foods. It will also rid the body of parasites, worms, flukes, etc., which compromise the body’s ability to heal. Clean and enhance your liver and pancreas in the beginning of the detox for a short period to enhance digestion. Address other weaknesses next with appropriate herbal formulas and/or other natural tools for detoxification. If you’re on chemical medication – not to worry. There are very few conflicts with the herbal formulas. That being said, there are a few precautions around blood pressure medication and insulin. This program can lower your blood pressure fast so lowering it further might not be that great an idea. Make sure to enhance your adrenal glands which control blood pressure in the event of low blood pressure. The Licorice Root herb is excellent for increasing blood pressure. Monitor blood sugar levels closely.
  • Prepare Yourself For The Discomfort Of The Necessary “Healing Crisis”
    Learn about the “healing crisis” and what that looks like in the body when you are detoxifying (getting stuff you want out of you). This is a natural process that occurs as one gets better and it’s good to recognize the telltale signs. It’s not something to be afraid of. . .but rather a sign that the healing process is working. Your health typically won’t get worse on an alkaline food diet program. However, if for some reason you do (as in some cancer cases), you will need to clean deeper or your condition has advanced too far already.
  • Remember To Have Fun Getting Healthier Over Time
    You are always perfect exactly the way you are! If you look closely there’s always something good or something to be learned out of every experience in life. Achieving true health can sometimes be really hard work and a huge challenge. Some of what you’re facing could have been the result of a lifetime of habits where you were never fully aware of the impact they had on your body or it could something you carried into this lifetime from your genetics (to no fault of your own or anyone else since everyone is always doing their best with where they are at). All that being said, keep it up and don’t let anything get in your way! Vibrant health is totally worthwhile and connects you more with life, love and higher levels of consciousness.