Cleanse Day 14: Protein Myth

Foods that have a high concentrate (complex) structure of amino acids are called proteins.

This includes flesh (muscles, organ and gland tissues, etc.), and to lesser degree, nuts, beans, and sometimes starches (like grains). Amino acids (not proteins) are what the body requires to build tissue and act as carriers and buffers. These amino acids (not proteins) are what the body requires to build tissue and act as carriers and buffers. These amino acids group together in a specific sequence to become a useable protein, are nitrogen rich and have dominance on the acid side when broken down. When we consume proteins from animal flesh, nuts, beans, etc. the  body must first break those proteins down into their respective amino acids. These separated amino acids are then grouped into the sequences our bodies need.

Think of it like a string of children’s pop beads, with each individual bead representing an amino acid and the completed chain of beads a protein. When we eat a protein, the body must pop apart those beads. The necessary beads are then recombined in the order the body requires, and the unnecessary beads discarded. This requires a lot of energy and an initial acid (hydrochloric acid releasing pepsin) to break these complex proteins back down through the peptide stages and finally into amino acids before your body can use them. This is why we call proteins, especially flesh proteins, second hand amino acids. Unlike fruits and veggies, which are considered first hand superior amino acids, further leaving an alkaline ash.

It’s important to note that the body does not burn amino acids for energy. This would be like burning your cabin walls in your fireplace for fuel. Carbon (carbohydrates) and oxygen are used for energy. These foods are predominantly your fruits and vegetables. All foods have and are made up of amino acids. This gives them structure. However, these amino acids are simple and easy for your body to break apart and use.

When man looks at his health issues they fall predominantly on the acid side of chemistry. Remember there are only two sides to chemistry. You can substitute acidosis (the building up of acids in tissue) for inflammation, pain, and destruction of the body. Proteins can be constipating and putrefactive causing toxemia and acidosis. Flesh protein makes your body odor, where fruits and veggies cleans the body and eliminates body odor.

CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU! Stuck in the PROTEIN illusion? Protein does not build muscle!
If we wish to be able to exercise with sufficient intensity to spur our growth in our muscles and related structures, we need to consume sufficient carbohydrates to meet our fuel needs-preferably from fruits.
Since protein is one of the three caloric nutrients (along with carbohydrates and fats), Protein fuel demands rise only when one's diet is deficient in carbohydrates (As the body is forced to convert the protein into carbohydrates--a very inefficient,energy draining process)

Eating protein does not build muscle! Muscular growth comes from placing a strength overload on the muscles and then supplying adequate conditions for them to recover.Repeatedly using this overload and recovery strategy results in steady and reliable muscle growth and development. The quality of tissue developed will be determined by the foods eaten, and the higher quality tissues will develop as a result of eating fruits and vegetables.

Protein is not actually used by the body to build new tissue. When foods are eaten, their constituent proteins are broken down during the digestive process into ever smaller particles: Proteoles, polypeptides, dipeptides and eventually amino acids. The amino acids travel to the liver where they are recombined and reconstructed into the specific proteins need at any given time.

Not only is it a fallacy that protein will result in muscle growth,but the concept that the body needs specific proteins from meat, fish and eggs is also fallacious. The body breaks down all proteins to their component amino acids before recombining them. So eating the muscle of animals will not result in us having bigger muscles. As an analogy.eating animals eyes will not give you better vision nor will eating their brains increase our intellect.

The protein content of fruits and vegetables is perfect for human beings as it is for all animals in the anthropoid family. Gorillas have no problem growing big and strong on fruits and vegetables.
Evolve some more. Who are you to think an animal needs to die in orderer you to get your meat "Protein?". The body doesn't use that it. It uses and needs amino acids. It does not need dead bodies to break down nor does it actually use the dead animals. Animals just overburden the system and cause disease.