Day 30: Just Do It, Now!

Alright it’s Day 30, your FINAL DAY is here.

You’ve come so very far! How do you feel? Inspired, enlightened, educated, change starting to happen deep within, even showing up visually already? Are you ready for a REAL physique, health and lifestyle change?

In the words of Yoda, “Do, or do not. There is no “try.” Trying is what we do when we aren’t willing to make a commitment. We say, “I’ll try,” when our heart isn’t ready to give a full effort. It’s what we say when we can’t admit that our resolve is…wimpy. Every action we take leads somewhere and sets us up for the next one to take. We can engage the problem and get to know it better. We can even learn from our mistakes which moves us closer to achieving our goals. Say this out loud: “Today I will not just “try”–I AM DOING something to move toward my goals.”

I want to share a quick list of everything you need to know to achieve your goals and transform your body and mind:

  • Only Set Realistic, But Challenging Goals
  • Make Your Goals Public
  • Track Your Progress
  • Find An EXPERT Coach (Hopefully an AMAZING ONE!)

Food for thought: One of the greatest things about finally reaching the “top of the mountain,” is gazing at the magnificence of life through tears of joy, thoroughly understanding every inch of your climb and its many unexpected setbacks you had to overcome with relentless pursuit of your vision. One of the key elements we practice here at GET IT BACK UNIVERSITY is this: Be compassionate with others on their unique journey as well as yourself! With love, loyalty and respect we will help you beat the odds! I hope you have enjoyed this series and continue to grow and work with us! GET TRANSFORMED is the next series calling your name. If you’ve done the little exercises along the way (and hopefully participated in the GET IT BACK SYSTEM’S 4-Week Jump Start) you are more than ready to completely transform your mind, body and life with our famous 3-month challenge, STEP 3: GET TRANSFORMED. Upon Completion…NO ONE WILL RECOGNIZE YOU!

Take just a few minutes to come clean with any potential excuses you could use right now to rest on your laurels and celebrate a little too much, a little too long and lose your positive momentum. Then come up with your TOP 3 reasons WHY you won’t slack off now, even slightly. You are ready to press on upon completion of this last activity in this series. There’s really just no intelligent reason to stop here and get comfortable and choose to lose all your progress made, right?