Day 29: Resolve Excuses

Almost There! Only 1 Day Left!

Its DAY 29 and you only have ONE MORE DAY LEFT and you will have successfully completed the GET IT BACK video series! Today is the day to really figure out what drives you to improve your exercise and nutrition behaviors! What are your motives? Vanity? Do you want an amazing body (who doesn’t)? Do you want to increase your sex-drive and attractiveness to renew your self-confidence? Or perhaps you want to strengthen your marriage or GET IT BACK if you’re recently divorced? Would you just like more energy with your kids for fun time? Do you want the zip back in your step? Do you want to have control over this health and fitness stuff and to feel more intelligent about the way you are going about things?

If you want to accomplish anything in life you can’t sit back and hope it will happen. You’ve got to make it happen! It’s easy to make up excuses like, “well, I’ve had 3 kids” (dads…this better not be from you too), “I don’t have the body type to look sexy anymore,” or “it’s just that I’m getting older and my metabolism has slowed down.” Age has little impact. Lifestyle choices absolutely do!

It’s time to find your motivation and PLEASE!!!…STOP MAKING EXCUSES WHY YOU CAN’T! Lock your mind instead on what you wish to create for yourself. Look at your excuses and realize that they aren’t your real truth, they are not your future if you so choose. The first step is to transforming your current reality is to see all the potential reasons why you CAN and act on this. Use this to fuel you and start focusing on why you…MUST! What if you can leverage your excuses to create what your heart truly desires vs. being limited by them? Today is the day- find your motives and GET IT BACK!

Discover what lies deep beneath the surface of your conversations you have with yourself and others about WHY you NEED TO get back in shape and you will access a relentless appetite that you can leverage for real results. Today make a list of your TOP 3 EXERCISE AND NUTRITION EXCUSES and under each come up with a counter-attack that will resolve these out of your head in the real world once and for all.