Day 27: Holistic Care

Holistic Care or Medicare? Life is filled with choices, where you choose your own destiny.

IF you chose to be a part of this entire series and still have not quit, you’ve made it through almost the entire 30 days with just 3 more days to go, and that’s something to be proud of! We’ve been hammering these lessons into your thinking with the intention of reshaping your belief system quite a bit, into one that’s ready to yield the total mind, body and life transformation you truly deserve.

No one, not even YOUR doctor or therapist is more qualified than YOU to take control of your own health…it’s truly in your hands. What will it be…Holistic Care or Medicare? Many of us grew up with moms that would rush us off to the doctor to get a diagnosis in a pink marshmallow medicine for a little “sniffle.” Doctors could cure it all with a scribble on the prescription pad and a tongue depressor, right? Don’t get me wrong, medical doctors are absolutely necessary for so much when sh*t hits the fan, but sometimes we rely too heavily on modern medicine instead of listening to and learning from our own minds and bodies!

As we age, we worry about what could be going on inside our bodies and getting an “A” on our report card from the doctor. We have to worry about diabetes, cancer, torn ligaments, hip, knees, ankles and shoulder injuries etc… We don’t have to live completely by these standards though. There are ways to prevent these types of problems! As you have learned from previous blogs, your nutrition and exercise can make a world of difference in slowing your aging process.

Stay on top of your fitness, health and well-being DAILY. Drink more water, eat more veggies and fruits, add in lean protein and be more proactive with your exercise regimen being challenging enough to increase muscle strength and density. Let GET IT BACK help you get an “A” in life. Take ownership of what you’ve done so far and what has to come NEXT! It’s time to break out the garbage can and transform your medical cabinet. Make a list of some new items to keep stock of in your house. It’s time to put a sticky on the bathroom mirror that reminds you to do some simple, proactive, daily holistic activities, every single morning and evening from now on…