Day 25: On Your "A" Game?

Okay it’s Day 25

Just 5 more days after this and you’ve reached the final destination! If you are not on your A-game, what is your grade lately? Don’t we all want the traits of a top athlete? (Stability, health, flexibility, strength, youth, etc..) It holds true time and time again that your outward appearance is a reflection of your inner behavior. Nobody wants to be labeled as the “fat, old dad.”

As you get older it’s really not that difficult to maintain a great body, so long as you train and eat smart. It’s important to realize, what’s done is done! As you age not only do you have to deal with the physical and hormonal changes as your body matures, but also contend with psychological ones as well. Planning for and accepting your aging process is the best strategy for making the most of the situation. This absolutely doesn’t mean accepting a total-decline or just throwing in the towel, and the hell with all the up-keep…Do that and I promise you things will compound at lightning speed in the wrong direction!!!

For the normal every day person, we always need to be at “peak performance,” we have to be “ON” all the time. The game of life says we need to be: mentally sharp, free of illness and able to handle all stress, otherwise we could be getting ourselves into trouble. Contrary to popular belief, aging is a good thing! At any age, you can absolutely drop the unwanted lbs, be strong mentally and start exercising and eating purely for power and raw energy. Everything you ever wanted is underneath your own skin! It all becomes available when you want it, bad enough to do the real work required!

We are here for you to GET IT BACK! It’s your choice—Don’t waste anymore of your precious time… If you haven’t already signed-up, now’s your chance! If you’re open to the idea of improving your current situation, take the time to study yourself, the finer details of what you’ve been doing up until now, what’s working for you, what isn’t. If you allow yourself to go deep enough without beating yourself up (what’s done is done), then what will open up for you is a new inspiring reality of higher expectations for yourself that you can live up to. Today open the door, wide open for yourself to step in and step up your efforts to improve your grades with your fitness.