Day 24: Get Honest!

You’ve come a long way in a short time.

How are you feeling? Is it time for a checkup? When was the last time you went to the doctor? You care a lot about your health and your doctor seems like they do too… right? But have you ever thought or cared about your doctor’s health?

Don’t take advice from doctors who are fat and just NOT fit! Find a doctor who looks the part, walks the talk. If they haven’t got fitness, health and well-being written all over their face and body, then the advice they give you is kind of bologna, unless the path of pills and surgery is your desired path of choice.

You can never give what you don’t have for yourself to someone else! If “normal” in America is obese, BE a total weirdo! Obesity is not healthy and you should challenge it! This means you need to ATTACK your current thinking and efforts with tremendous intensity and determination to improve them, substantially if you want to avoid the trap of getting older and adding flab! Going about this casually will only tip the scale temporarily, but absolutely change nothing in the long run. Look, sooner or later your denial will catch up with you…and when it does…regret is going to hurt.

So let’s get really honest… Do you welcome pain throughout your workouts, OR on average do you run from it when your body is sore and exhausted? Do you crave sugars, fatty foods, processed convenient non-foods and give in to them or overcome them with preparation and self-discipline? If you are in the wrong frame of mind and can’t see yourself at the finish line before the pain hits, you’ll end up backing down and quitting inevitably during your workouts just before the real progress can be made, same as a week of well-disciplined eating followed by a weekend of disproportionate celebration.

I get that you’ve been taking advice from yourself for so long now, that it may be hard to trust someone else. But would you trust the advice of a fat doctor, or that of a fit, healthy one? Think about that…Have your choices and your advice helped you arrive today at an extraordinary place with your fitness and health? Would someone you care about take fitness and health advice from you or hold you in contempt? Are you a shining example of what an intelligent approach to fitnessand good health looks like? All I am trying to say here is this… it’s time to let go of just some of your advice, perhaps? It’s time to get with your coach not just to meet your goals, but crush them and move on to the next even more inspiring ones. Challenge the norm, get out of your head and take home the blue ribbon!

Today you are going to put to the test your fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle philosophies and discover where there needs to be a shift made in your thinking and behaviors. Choose now to get on the path to being your own trusted expert. From there you are immediately going to take some small actions that get the ball rolling quickly in the right direction with some serious momentum.