Day 23: Short-Term Choices

Get Ahead In The Short Term!

It’s Day 23 you have made it 3 weeks through the series and just about a week to go! Most fitness programs leave out the most important part to creating and maintaining “long-term results.” What you believe, think and reinforce by speaking about on a regular basis has the greatest impact on your ability to make the appropriate behavioral modifications that have the greatest influence with your overall results, good or bad-You decide.=

It’s only when you change your mindset about what you feel is truly possible that your desired appearance begins to take new form. Let’s help you right here begin to make the necessary shift inside. Do you want to look and feel attractive or just blah?

Make your next workouts the best workouts of your life– Let the burn in your muscles and your lungs be your measure of quality and guide towards excellence. Get ready to stand out when you’re lying on the beach on vacation, celebrating all your hard work and discipline! Your greatest hour still awaits you… An impressive appearance or that deep down feel good sensation…doesn’t come from lying in bed. You become the greatest version of you only when you check your ego at the door of the gym and STOP caring what others see or possibly think and you open up to trying more and more new things out that you have to suck at, only at first. ONLY your opinion comes first and it’s up to you to get yourself out of your warm bed and into the gym or outside, preferably each morning before your day takes over.

In order to move on from where you’re at currently, it’s critical that you adopt a “find a way” mentality! Don’t give yourself an excuse or way out of doing what you know you need to do. You have to put in the work (and definitely so much more effort in the beginning to get successfully launched). You have a choice, you can be the skinny person that looks great with their clothes on, but when those clothes come off…watch out-Ick! Maybe instead of shopping for those expensive jeans, you should’ve worked a little harder in the gym. Sexy is strong, not skinny, it’s the inner strength and confidence that shines from within, that glow that is housed in a well-defined body worked hard for. Unfortunately, most of our society thinks they can get away with short-term fixes: surgeries, painted nails, expensive hair styles, layers of cover up make-up, jewelry and clothes.

GET IT BACK is a comprehensive Long-Term fitness plan designed to improve your physique, performance, and mental power with several short-term focused micro-plans to keep you consistently engaged and committed. How do you want to look and feel when you’re naked? The choice is yours!

We have helped thousands of people transform their body’s from FAT TO FIT (body and mind)! Psychologists and researchers agree, people with an internal focus of control, or the belief that one can control his/her outcomes are more apt to plan long-term goals, delay gratification, and accept more risk for the promise of more reward…LATER! Do YOU fall into this category with your exercise and nutrition choices or do you just fall when things don’t quite go as planned, you didn’t get enough sleep…or the weather is wet and dreary outside? At GET IT BACK UNIVERSITY we will absolutely help you put all the parts into place and define and construct an unbelievable body you are proud of! We specialize in getting students to love spending their time doing the impossible until it becomes possible! This is where true passion is born and grows…

Take the time today to set goals that yield both short and long term desired results and make some deep commitments with yourself that you can expect a return on investment with. Commit to staying the course and seeing things all the way through this time. This decision and your follow through will lead to a habitual pattern of setting fresh new goals to strive for and a lifetime continuum of improvement if you so continue to choose.