Day 22: Anyone Listening?

Keep It Up!

Are you working hard or hardly working when it comes to your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle? Are you heading for some trouble not so far down the road if you stay on on the path you are on and keep making similar choices?

If you could snap your fingers and replace your existing work force at the office with world-class athletes, would you do it? Imagine having that level of determination and optimistic energy around you, every day determined to WIN? Imagine Michael Jordan heading up your sales force, the workhorse Michael Phelps running your IT department or the powerhouse Serena Williams performing operations? Okay, so that’s obviously not realistic. But think of all the inspiring wins each day, WOW! Would someone maybe choose to replace you for someone in better mental and physical conditioning?

But imagine the difference if, at the very least, you and all of your co-workers including you were healthy and fit? How much of an increase would you see in job performance? There are plenty of studies undeniably evidencing a healthy workforce’s impact on a company’s bottom line. Studies show that an employee’s quality of life, mental performance and time management was 15 percent better on days when they exercised. Imagine what that means if the majority of your employees or co-workers are exercising on a daily basis, eating right too! Now without imagining, what do you and your fellow co-workers look like today, honestly?

Yes, creating a fitness culture in the workplace does improve morale by showing concern for employees and also allows an opportunity for co-workers to build deeper, rich connections. But encouragement alone is not good enough if you actually want to see a significant impact on the bottom line. From over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, I’ve learned that people need guidance and an easy-to-follow, structured plan to lead them to their desired goals.

If you truly want to experience a significant improvement in the performance, overall energy and improved fitness of not only your work, but those around you, outside expertise can help! And.. let’s not forget: odds are, if you’re working with a coach, a partner, a group, goals are attained faster, people are held more accountable and with a healthier work force, that also means a healthier bottom line!

Get a fitness group organized at work or join a group utilizing our GET IT BACK program. Group participants receive a HUGE discount! Reach out to us via email for help with forming a group or get details of when our next group is starting so you can get on the waiting list. Find a way to work with a coach and get the needed accountability, guidance and motivational support you need to achieve real success.