Day 20: Who's The Boss?

It’s DAY 20 and we have just 10 days left in the series.

You should be feeling more empowered and ready to start achieving more rewards in several areas of your life! By now you should’ve figured out that no one can start a life transformation on their own. Anyone off the street can pick up a book or two full of illustrated photos of weight-lifting demos and colorful recipes. But…That’s really not at all what you need.

A coach is more than a personal trainer, physical therapist, a nutritionist, a chef, a psychologist —they prepare you for all that life may throw at you outside of the gym and your kitchen as well. Whether you’re a firefighter, soldier, office executive, elite athlete or super-mom, you must be ready for “game day” (when life requires you to be at your absolute best performance). You just don’t know what “game day” will look like. We can help ensure your training regime gets you both mentally and physically ready for when that day comes! If you don’t quite know how to produce your desired results and you are not doing something substantial ENOUGH to really change your reality, get some help. If you are just giving yourself a pat on the back because you did something, which is pretty good with all things considered…with everything that’s going on, in the end…it’s just not going to cut it…again get some REAL help!

When you’re in the gym it is not the time to talk. It’s the time to work your butt off–not even your music or equipment matters most. All that matters is that you are here to transform your current reality into something new-THAT’S IT! Train so much harder and recover “smarter” and you’ll get so much further in less time than those gym rats-Trust me! Be smarter than them. There’s no side effects from training smart! BE the servant in the gym, more disciplined and more intelligent in the kitchen and you’ll BE the master in your life in no time and results pouring in! Try adding some flavor into the mix for both your workouts and meals today and you will have just turned onto the exhilarating Autobahn! If you would just speed up and turn the heat up a bunch, you will never be the same. Everything in your life is about to get tenderized and spiced up if you would really apply yourself, put some more heart into your efforts! Don’t just be proud of your ability to read about things. Truth is found in your deeper personal experiences when you get in the trenches with new information and find out so much more about yourself as you take massive action. Now go explore!