Day 11: Step Up Your Efforts


It’s Time To Step Outside…Your Comfort Zone.

When life gets hard, there’s no other choice than to pick yourself up by your bootstraps! You must take control of the things you are capable of controlling, which is YOU!

Are you looking to be above average, to BE something great? Well you know, you just don’t get results by sitting on the couch or at your desk, hoping for it. At GET IT BACK we offer you the complete package: A combination of developing your speed, power, strength, endurance and optimizing your nutrition! This is going to be a total shock & awe to your body and its senses! Take our philosophies shared here and apply them in your life today and tomorrow you will reap the benefits across the board!

Listen closely…I get where you are coming from, things are going on in your life, some maybe overwhelming and feeling out of your control. I acknowledge this. Now from this understanding, we need to move, anyways, in spite of, forward in a fresh new, sometimes scary direction. Right now we do need to suck it up just a bit, take a break from your reality you are reacting in autopilot to. You can’t be soft or weak-minded right now. It really is time to Lock…and…load… Ready…Aim…Fire! At this time you are actually becoming more than you are currently right now! God made you a sculptor and gave you a handful of clay to work with. This clay is both your mind and body. Your clay is cold and rigid right now. It’s time once again to shove that clay of yours into the fire of transformation! And you’ll need to… keep it in that tension and heat long enough to reshape it into something new, something more desirable!

OKAY, LET’S FIRE UP THAT HEAT! IT’S GO TIME! Hey these 30 days of simple activities do require some REAL effort on your part to yield any kind of REAL improvements in your life. You can’t just sit back passively and intellectualize something to get anywhere in life. You gotta take real action and consistently for a significant period of focused time. You already know this so let’s not beat a dead horse. These 30 days aren’t for the weak, they are for YOU… IF you truly want to become that person you say you want to BE… It’s TIME to walk the talk! It’s time to shut up and step up. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, just might be the right fitting words here.

BRING ON THE BURN! If you are not really working out much or in a way that is doing more than just giving yourself a pat on the back because you did something, things need to change dramatically! During your workouts you gotta challenge yourself out of your comfort zone in order to expand your comfort zone. Every time you walk into the gym to improve your mind and body through new stimulating challenges, say these words to yourself “Yesterday Was An Easy Day!”

If you want inner strength like you’ve never had before… YES, it’s going to hurt, A LOT! It’s going to cut like a knife, but it will actually be, oh so good (Might sound crazy to you right now, but people with amazing bodies know this to be the only TRANSFORMATION TRUTH!)! You can and will own this too, but only through your personal experience of testing the waters yourself.

If your goal is to burn fat…it will pour off you. If you want to build endurance, you are going to become an unstoppable machine, overnight! If you want real strength and power, you’ll have more than you’ve ever experienced before! How? Check out our step-by-step curriculum to get you all the way to where you want to go and keep you there.

If you haven’t signed up yet for the FULL PROGRAM, here’s your opportunity to do so. If you have, GREAT! If you know someone that would truly benefit from this same information, send them one of these BLOGS. At GET IT BACK UNIVERSITY, Everything is laid out for you to experience success right out of the gates on the very first day (super-easy to follow for sure). You’re in the right spot if you need a structured plan to follow that’s step-by-step, day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month. In just ONE month you’ll be saying “Oh yes I can!” In TWO months, “Let’s do this–I’m feeling strong; I’m already kicking it into high gear; heck I’m half way there!” But at 3 months you’ll be crying for your momma, lungs searing, heart pounding, “WOOHOO, I love this CRAZY STUFF! GIVE ME MORE, MORE, MORE…AND NO ONE, I MEAN NO ONE WILL RECOGNIZE YOU!” I can promise you this, it may all sound crazy right now…until you experience for yourself. Then you’ll know that it’s not and that what you’ve been doing up until now is actually crazy!