Day 10: Train Smarter!

It’s Day 10 and hopefully you are feeling empowered and inspired by this journey so far.

Nobody likes the initial return, feeling intimidated or like they just don’t belong at the gym. It’s hard to get back into the groove when you don’t know where to begin! You’re feeling embarrassed, lousy and even uncomfortable about how far you’ve let yourself go. But that starts turning around pretty quick once you get the ball rolling in the right direction. This means training smarter, getting more volume and output in less time (less than an hour), heart-rate up the entire time, soaking wet with sweat, rather than spending hours at the gym with low-intensity efforts, talking, watching the TV.

Our motto is “Train harder, recover faster!” However, crazy and creative workouts, alone, just aren’t enough without a complete scientific system behind them and customized to the unique wants and needs of each individual. At GET IT BACK we make sure that our workouts incorporate a wide-variety of super-fun equipment and progressive skill-building activities, while focusing on functional and core strength, and of course sculpting the body body closer to each individual’s ideal vision. We’re here to help you get your mind right and be the kind of person that stands up strong when faced with adversities, believing in yourself again, eventually inspired by you vs. something outside yourself.

You’re here to learn to love failing on your terms day-in-day-out until you get what you are after accomplishing, against all odds. Pushing your mind and muscles to their full potential sometimes means taking yourself to exhaustion… because you know it’s the only way to transform your fitness and grow your body into exactly what you want to see in the mirror…or ACHIEVING ANYTHING extraordinary in life! With GET IT BACK, you will leave each short, High-quality, high-intensity workout with an experience of a deep sense of personal pride!

Today’s one of those days you need to step-up your efforts…and not reinvent the wheel. Put both feet in and get the maximum benefits from this simple, but essential activity. You are going to:

  1. Write out your personal game plan & re-commit yourself and any limited resources
  2. Start taking focused action on your plan and begin recording, measuring, tracking #’s representing your daily progress and staying accountable to your best intentions
  3. Practice, practice practice, sharpening your new skill-sets until a level of mastery is achieved, then wash and repeat for each new quest.