Day 9: Make Better Choices

It’s Day 9 and by now you should realize nutrition is the cornerstone of your transformation!

Without proper eating, you’ll just NEVER see the results you’ve been working your butt off for.

Food is supposed to supply nutrition to your body, not break it down! There are plenty of people who spend countless hours in the gym, yet are continuously frustrated by their inability to create significant visual improvements…that others would notice. There are just as many who try to starve their bodies as well. Then there are the people who won’t alter their exercise or their eating habits simply because the task seems entirely daunting and too overwhelming from the start.

Like always, I’m here to challenge you. If you’re intimated or put off by the idea of having to observe your nutrition behaviors daily for just a bit, I get it. But do it anyways in spite of what you might uncover. I can assure you it will be an invaluable eye-opening game changer for you that will make all the difference in your world. From this new level of awareness you can begin to do your homework and learn what works best for your body. Of course your workouts should tax your body’s limits and push you to the edge. But so should your nutrition challenge your mind’s resistance to changing up some behaviors IF you want to experience noticeable improvements.

In addition to enjoying a much more nutrient rich diet, some botanical herbs could be taken for strengthening specific weakened areas of your body. It cannot be stressed enough though, YOU NEED proper nutrition when trying to create a lean, strong body. Herbs don’t work by themselves… they are there to aid or boost your regular dietary intake of healthy food choices. They are not the magic seeds that Jack was traded for an instant sky high bean stalk.

At certain times your body will absorb more nutrients than others, based on its needs. What’s right for Michael Phelps may not be the best for Olympic gymnast, Gabby Douglas, especially in regards to caloric intake. Endurance athletes can burn 1,000′s of calories per training session and need different ratios of protein and carbohydrates, but inevitably, each athlete needs nutrients and so do we! By using The GET IT BACK System all the guess work is out. We bring the right ratios to you! We provide you with a series of books, workbooks, online/mobile app., video and audio lessons to ensure your success. If you say you’re ready, then it’s time to breakdown your day into sections surrounding activity and inactivity and discover where you need the nutrients the most, where you don’t need the extra calories, carbs and fats. From there we will put in place a systematic game plan to start meeting your mind and body’s needs on a consistent basis, where you produce extraordinary results from your intentions and efforts…GET IT BACK is your nutritional game-changer that will push the limits of your mind to new possibilities.