Day 8: Breaking Addictions

Mind Over Matter! It's Real! It's Important!

We’re about a ¼ way through the series. Eating large meals late in the day, is simply NOT good for you! If we eat too much, too late, and settle for those convenient, fast, unhealthy solutions sooner or latter it catches up with us and we get into a lot of trouble. Let’s make some healthy changes right now that could start turning things around! The first step is by spreading out your food evenly throughout the day. Eating 5 smaller, well balanced meals is most ideal. Next, CHOOSE YOUR FOOD WISELY!

In the 90’s FAT was the cause of obesity, so the food industry came up with the term “low-fat.” But because the obesity wasn’t slowing down, Carbs then took the blame. Once again, the food industry created another label- the “low-carb.” But the OBESITY rate kept growing WHY? Processed food is the real culprit! It’s not going to matter what the label says… stay away or at least minimize the amount that you consume!

Fats and Carbohydrates are not always a bad thing. However, THEY ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL! Carbohydrates and fats are nutrients containing calories that fuel your body. There are good and bad options for both. Simple sugars from fruit are an absolute MUST for high energy, cardio or resistance workouts. YOU ACTUALLY NEED CARBS TO LOSE WEIGHT!..JUST AT THE RIGHT TIME AND IN THE RIGHT PROPORTIONS!

A well rounded meal should ideally contain- Raw Food (fruits and vegetables-fresher the better), NO White Flour or Sugar, limited Gluten. Remember… you are what you eat and your body and health reflect that truth good or bad! At GET IT BACK, we’re here for you to transition from where you are today to where you want to be. You don’t have to do this alone! If you haven’t yet begun, today we are going to definitely start making that transition with some very basic dietary adjustments you can handle, you will absolutely grow to love! You can comprehend something obvious, but it’s through ritual behavior patterns you enforce that knowledge working favorably in your life. Today, just take 10 minutes with your garbage can in your kitchen and sponge and wipe up where some of those processed foods (and any GMO) having been living on a regular basis in your pantry, fridge, even freezer stock pile. Be okay with throwing out “garbage,” and breaking free of addictions that createhigh level of toxicity in your insides and your life over time.