Day 6: Desired Results

Okay we’re at Day 6 and almost through a full week of making some significant changes!

Your level of results from your efforts are predetermined by the limitations of your imagination. Does Destiny own you, or do you own your destiny? Are you letting some negative thoughts control you? Are you believing every thought that passes through your head as the truth? Are you wondering why you may be failing at the gym or with your nutrition to produce your desired results? Well in short it’s your ability to bust through personal psychological roadblocks. It’s the negative self-talk and negative image you may be putting on yourself and then the universe just supports those projections you are creating and deeper beliefs you are holding to subconsciously with some real time evidence.
I think it’s time for a pep talk, if we are going to make things more than a little better, instead turn things completely around! Nothing happens by chance or luck! Things happen to test the limits of your soul and reset the previous boundaries. Without these small tests and trials, life would be like a smoothly paved… straight…flat road to…nowhere! It would be safe, comfortable, but BORING and POINTLESS!
We can get closer to experiencing our true, higher-self by disposing of a good chunk of some of these inner negative thoughts and beliefs. Beliefs like: I’m inadequate, I’m a loser, I’m defective, I’m stupid, I’m too lazy, I’ll never lose those 20 pounds… it can go on and on. But stop! Choose to control your mind more today! It’s important to know that you did not enter this world with these limiting beliefs—they were “PROGRAMMED” into you somewhere along the way. Which means you can reprogram the negative, maybe turn some of this old junk into fuel to go the opposite direction with your thoughts, focused intentions and actions. You can choose to channel all this wasted energy you’ve been tying up to now experience a fresh, new positive energy to propel you forward in the direction you truly want to be going.
The difference between winning and losing in life has nothing to do with genetics or potential. It’s perseverance, pushing through mental anguish, always showing up, not quitting and being willing to fail. Success is actually formulated through failures, by facing your fears, falling down and getting back up, making the needed adjustments from learning as you go and getting back after it right away. That’s what releases the champion within all of us!
We are not stagnant energy. We are either moving forward and improving, or we are decaying before our time. I challenge YOU to make the choice to change just one thing in you, one thing that’s long overdo, TODAY!
For 5 minutes, close your eyes and focus on the breath entering and leaving your nose. Make a conscious effort to NOT attach to your thoughts, and instead just notice them…and see them as they are separate from you, passing through and moving on. At first attempt this is much harder to do than it sounds. The practice of silencing the mind through meditation will help you to STOP diving into stressful thought patterns you’ve built up that aren’t serving you or getting you anyplace better! If you want to step into a new way of being, then don’t buy into every little thing you think. Instead, learn to embrace the unknown when thoughts come up—just notice them and let them go! This daily activity is so much more important than all your workouts and nutrition. If you are constantly telling yourself you’re not good enough, strong enough, or thin enough, lasting results will continue to slip away through your grasping.
Practice listening to your thoughts as if you’re watching someone else talk in a movie–quite interesting perhaps, but it’s just a movie. It’s not YOU!

DON’T entertain “what if” and “I should have” thoughts. If they pop up, let them go immediately.
Listen to “The Art of Happiness” by the Dalai Lama on your iPod before sleep–A great wake-up call!
Use positive thinking! Think of negative habitual thoughts as a river that needs re-channeling.
Get honest with yourself, get motivated to make a deeper commitment with your desire to change one bad habit that is long overdo and take a life-changing step by approaching this engrained, but not permanent habit differently (Only you can do this).