Day 1: Success Mindset

Welcome to your 1st day of 30 DAYS TO GET IT BACK!

Here’s 30 micro-lessons and simple action steps that will help you get unstuck, empowered and on the road to completely transforming your mind, body and life from the inside out, in record time and with sustainability this time!

I’m Glenn Hattem your GET IT BACK COACH! Through this quick series we’re gonna challenge you both mentally and physically to learn and apply a simple strategy that will BEGIN TO transform your nutrition, exercise, lifestyle beliefs and habits into ones that produce extraordinary results. Together, we’ll ensure that you become the person most likely to succeed with all your fitness aspirations! Let’s start this journey together and help you become A BETTER YOU, RIGHT NOW!

In 30 DAYS new habits are created, BUT… does it end there? Is that really long enough to create a life-long change? If you take the time to read the lessons each day packed with powerful concepts and actually perform each day’s suggested activity afterwards, these ideas will integrate smoothly into your life, helping you produce your desired results. Okay, here’s our first lesson and then the simple activity you will do at some point before day’s end. Just commit to giving this a fair chance, be open…and see if you actually feel anything different. If this was a good experience for you, then move on to DAY 2 with full participation as well.

“This morning I was running late, leaving myself an hour until I had to be at an important meeting. With my run typically taking about 45 minutes, I headed out the door into a seemingly perfect sunny day with my heart rate monitor and my music already getting me fired up! ONLY TWO minutes into my run, gusty winds picked up, blowing at me straight on. Almost simultaneously my heart rate monitor and my music went dead. I had to rely solely on my own motivational conversation with myself. Taking the path I usually take students for mental conditioning and training I realized, today was definitely my turn to walk the talk. As I reached the base of this mountain the winds seemed to kick into overdrive, to a point where it felt like you just weren’t moving. At this rate it would take me more than an hour to get this miserable run over with. I wanted a good challenge, right? This meant I had to dig even deeper and push on through every step of humbling pain. When I reached the top of this hill and was now heading back, I experienced a mini-miracle. My music almost immediately kicked back on again and the wind now was behind me, pushing me with such force I couldn’t run fast enough. When I got home I was amazed to find I had smashed my record time by 5 minutes. That’s almost impossible!”

HERE’S THE GOLDEN NUGGET: It’s time to take full responsibility for yourself and the collective outcome of all your choices. The mirror in front of you is a reflection of everything you’ve done up until today, whether it’s worked for you or not. When you look in the mirror, do you like who you see? Staring back at you is not a victim, but instead a champion who will overcome those destructive fears and insecurities, limitations and obstacles in front of you…but only if you choose right now to start learning from these “failed attempts” experiences. This is your opportunity to make appropriate adjustments for personal growth. The only one who can stop you is YOU! Because you are motivated to make a change, TODAY, there really are No More Excuses! I want you to take just 3 minutes or less to look at yourself in the mirror EVERY morning or evening, or both if you want to take things to another level…and REPEAT OUT LOUD as if you are already this desirable person of great character, these 3 POWERFUL, MEANINGFUL STATEMENTS:




This is YOUR LIFE…YOUR CHOICE…YOUR JOURNEY! Are you feeling inspired to take a baby step in the right direction, and see just what might happen? Are your wheels turning yet? Start allowing yourself to BELIEVE! I’m absolutely challenging you to step up and make a commitment to yourself, once again. You don’t have to get it all done today or have a perfect start. Instead, get off your rear and get this process going. Because if you put it off for even a day, you’ll seriously miss your window and you’re DONE! You will have missed this particular inspiring opportunity to take real action and have to wait a very long time before the next one comes around. It’s not too late to turn things around in your life even with everything that’s going on. Choose to create the reality you want for yourself. Nothing hurts more than sitting on a couch. Stop wasting time and REPEAT THESE TO YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR, TODAY! NO MORE EXCUSES…NOT ONE!!!

Never leave the scene of awareness without taking some new action. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Do just this one thing for yourself to get off the fence and get the ball rolling. This will only take 5 minutes. Attach a piece of paper to your bathroom mirror with these statements and repeat them out loud just 3x’s, each time raising your energy each time and really FEELING the meaning behind these words that you want them to generate for you. This is the key to your success here (The Magic). Don’t get in your own way on this. The real obstacles aren’t out there, they’re in your head, they’re just a state of mind. There’s no limits to what you can do if you start seeing things differently by taking your focus off of what you don’t want and generating deeper focus on what you do want. You seriously got to constantly push past, beyond the limits of what you currently think you can do or you just stay stuck. If your body and energy isn’t amazing right now, then maybe there’s more to getting in great shape and maintaining a high level of fitness than just focusing on improving your exercise and nutrition behaviors? Maybe your philosophy on life and what’s possible, needs an edit?

Let’s make change happen. Let’s GET IT BACK, Together!

Over the next 5 days you will have access to the first chapter of the GET IT BACK SYSTEM. We’ve broken the materials down into bite-size digestible chunks. CLICK the link below, download, print (In B &W to save ink), read and put this gem of information into real-world practice by doing a thorough job of completing all the activities and questions, TODAY!