Day 2: Getting Unstuck

Let's Keep The Momentum Going!

Jumping right into Day 2 it’s time to throw out ANY self-sabotage, which is undermining your success and your self-confidence. Let’s give you the exactly what you need to GET IT BACK!

Why do some people succeed while others fail? Maybe it’s from a lack of effort, bad luck or poor planning… Or maybe, it’s that you’re missing the critical details! IT IS absolutely possible to overcome any form of self-sabotage. At GET IT BACK people do it every single day! NOW take your eyes of whatever is behind you. That’s the past…Instead, focus them only on where you wanna go and keep them there… until you get there!

I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do. And if you don’t do it, well…that’s on you. So here are 3… quick things that you can do RIGHT NOW that will make ALL the difference:


We’re all in search of that “fountain of youth,” right? Aging is a part of life that we have no control over, but how we write the middle and end of the story is totally up to us. This is where you begin to turn things around and rewrite your story and perhaps experience true greatness for the first time. You absolutely CAN be the “Before & After” transformation that you see in advertisements! It’s time to forget your past and all the mistakes and learn to do the right things with your fitness, health and well-being. We’ll help you change everything! I can say this with absolute confidence, because I’ve worked with thousands of people from all walks of life, helping them to GET IT BACK!


Decide right now what specific goals will inspire you to become greater than you are now. Goals that you’d be willing to put in the unexpected work required to get there, stay there or go even higher!

| Complete your first successful 10K | Fit back into your skinny jeans | Look sexier in your swimsuit (and naked!) | Gain 10 pounds of lean, toned muscle | Lose the 20-30 lbs of unwanted body fat for good! 


With your customized plan, that includes structured workouts, consistently challenging you and getting you out of your comfort zone and a nutrition plan that feeds your muscles and starves your fat reserves, you’re set up for a new, healthier lifestyle right from the beginning! It’s going to be tough—it’s not easy! If being in shape year-round was easy, everyone would be super-fit. If you’re looking for an easy road, you’re in the wrong place! I would be lying to you if I said otherwise. We don’t sell microwaves. We’re in the crock-pot business. IT TAKES MORE THAN 30 SECONDS! The only thing I can promise is that plan works every time, over time, for a life time!

Got it? Having the right mindset is the determining factor for your success! To be successful in achieving and maintaining a positive lifestyle, or any goal for that matter, you must align your beliefs, actions and thoughts with your goals. If you lack a deep down desire, your fears will inhibit your success.

Let go of the past mistakes and then move forward focusing your intention on some inspirational, but realistic personal goals you wish to achieve. Determine the best strategy for you at this time, whether it’s one of our coaching plans or something else. The point is to get started immediately doing something in the right direction and get some movement happening.

YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION! Don’t just sit lazily on the sidelines waiting for someone to pull you into the gym or out on the trails. Yes, it’s nice to have a partner to push us, but wouldn’t it be even better to have your very own, fitness coach by your side- helping you to believe that with a little help YOU are capable of so much more!? Take control of your health once and for all!

Over these first 5 days you will have access to the first chapter of the GET IT BACK SYSTEM. We’ve broken the materials down into bite-size digestible chunks. CLICK the link below, download, print, read and put this gem of information into real-world practice by doing a thorough job of completing all the activities and questions, TODAY!