Day 4: Breakfast Important?

This is Day 4, and I hope your feeling clear minded and fueled up!

Do You Honestly Eat A Breakfast Of Champions?

Here’s a simple question…Is breakfast the most important meal of the day: Yes or No? Yes! Most of us already know this. But then why do we choose to ignore eating a healthy, well-balanced, breakfast first thing in the morning? Breakfast not only revs up your metabolism to record levels, it also sets the tone for an entire day of smart, deliberate, healthy eating choices.

Food is fuel. Your body needs fuel to run efficiently throughout the day, not adding it all at the end of the day. You wouldn’t expect your car to drive if there wasn’t gas in it right or if you just put gas in after you arrived at your destination? Same thing with your body. Even if you’ve never been a “breakfast person” try a quick, convenient smoothie on the go out the door. YOU CAN’T OUT-TRAIN BAD NUTRITION! Abs are absolutely made in the KITCHEN, not the gym! Remember: 30% Gym breaking down muscle (putting your body into a catabolic state)—70% Kitchen (feeding and repairing your muscle putting your body into an anabolic state).

How many of you skip making breakfast at home and think you’ll just head into the local café instead? Well think again! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge advocate of daily green juices, fresh fruit smoothies, but their so-called food options are primarily supplying you with TONS OF SUGAR AND CAFFEINE if you are not careful! You don’t want to get into a habit having these as your “go-to” sources of so called “Morning Fuel.”

At GET IT BACK we’re the experts when it comes to taking the theoretical side of how you should be eating and translating that into actually making smarter nutritional choices on the fly in real time.

Here’s today’s challenge: try to work out without eating breakfast just for one day and then compare to a day where you eat a healthy, nutritional one. The results may surprise you!  So we all know now that you get energy from your BREAKFAST… But what are the other benefits?

  • A high percentage of fat is burned throughout the day.
  • It will lower your risk for heart disease and diabetes (a disease cropping up like wild fire today)
  • It will seriously boost your metabolism (let’s start spinning those wheels early in the morning!)
  • You get the fuel needed for energy.

Make a fresh new decision, where all other 1-foot in and 1-foot out options cannot exist for you anymore. Would you like smarter breakfast meals consisting of nutrient and calorie-wise choices for your individual needs? Want some amazing recipes for balanced nutrient-dense meals and delicious smoothies that you can make in 5-10 minutes? With your GET IT BACK SYSTEM we teach you how to make amazing QUICK, balanced breakfast recipes. You’ll love the taste and efficiency in the mornings, but more importantly you’ll experience for yourself so much more energy feel seriously content. You will be so impressed with yourself and your new skills that you will continue to experiment with our delicious and convenient lunch and dinner recipes as well. You may find that these meals are so enjoyable and easy to make that they become a part of your daily routine.- Check them out!

Over these first 5 days you will have access to the first chapter of the GET IT BACK SYSTEM. We’ve broken the materials down into bite-size digestible chunks. CLICK the link below, download, print, read and put this gem of information into real-world practice by doing a thorough job of completing all the self-assessment activities and questions, TODAY!