Day 19: Change Your Beliefs

Remove YOUR Self-Imposed Limitations…TODAY!

The only thing standing between you and your goals is the fluffy, emotionally backed story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve them. Most everyone (not going to be you this time, right?) puts effort into change by doing what they THINK is right. The problem is they often haven’t done the back-end research to make sure their effort is in accordance with where they’d like to be heading in life. When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

So how do you put new insights, more self-empowering beliefs into real action in the real world, and today for that matter? I believe if you practice being someone that fights back against challenges, chooses your own terms to experience failure with a more positive meaning, while attempting to master the day’s presented difficulty, over a reasonable amount of time…you will refine your methods, become more efficient and find a way to win!

That being said, I CHALLENGE YOU- prove me wrong, make an amazing healthy recipe you’ve yet to try and get your butt to the gym today or outside for a run where you choose to shock your system with something totally different, a much higher intensity than you are accustomed to… maybe even consider researching a new directional change with your career or location to live that might be fun, say one miracle day. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! DO something totally new- so what if you fail? You went for it! See if you experience the pride afterward of having truly given it your all or did you back off, let up a bit to stay in your limiting comfort zone. Then, simply ask yourself “What’s next?” I promise…the answers will start to come!

You got just one life to live right now and less and less time to goof around. Tackle this quick exercise and you will have this confidence about you that you can start learning how to achieve just about anything in a fairly short period of time. You won’t want to put off getting started with things that seem interesting. You’ll want to find out first hand, today! Get trail blazing into the unknown smirking with the beliefs that you can change your current reality to something MUCH BETTER…whether it’s with your fitness or any other neglected aspect of your life that needs some freedom!