Day 28: Transform Yourself

You made it this far, why stop now?

DAY 28. Keep persevering, only TWO days left and then it’s time to GET TRANSFORMED! It’s not about how you look in the mirror, YET; it’s about how you feel inside your heart and what’s legit inside your head. When your clothes are off, your image reflects both consistent hard work and self-discipline or that little lie you keep telling yourself. It’s gonna take some time before that image reflects the real you as you know.

The harsh truth is, everybody else knows and is just politely lying to you as well, even if you keep well clothed. Everybody wants to see sexy flat 6-pack stomach, without the jelly rolls. Truly, in this world, image is everything. If you’ve got a fit body, then you must be in good shape right? It means YOU TAKE GREAT CARE OF YOURSELF–you walk the talk, you have “self-discipline.”

Perseverance isn’t a long marathon of life, its actually back-to-back short races. Every day we get up and we fight for it! It means you’re willing to go through the pain and sacrifice of today’s sweat for tomorrow’s betterment and plant those seeds for something that you want to see blossom and harvest later. Perseverance is understanding that all good things take time and patience to fully develop. It means you gotta be willing to be that person now, starting today and PAY YOUR DUES! Don’t wait for a total meltdown before you finally step up and do something extraordinary. Stop living on the razor’s edge. Stop being just one wrong step from a total landslide disaster. Instead soar to new heights and enjoy an amazing new view from atop some much higher mountains! Challenge yourself today to conquer bad habits, to eat nutritionally and persevere through your grueling workouts. You can do this because perseverance will allow you to! NOW GO FOR IT, WHOLEHEARTEDLY, BOTH FEET IN!

Tonight, before you go to bed choose to transform what you believe to be true. Groom your mind into the peak mindset necessary for the challenges you might be facing tomorrow and the obstacles and adversities you need to overcome to achieve more successes. Prepare for greatness around the corner and the unstoppable truth ahead that is coming, fast and hard…and your likely to have the best possible outcome.