Day 14: Walking Your Talk?

It’s Day 14 and you’ve gotten through 2 weeks of the series!

How are you feeling? Are you going through this with conviction, intention and taking a more significant level of personal responsibility? Are you determined to change some “bad habits” today and start a better life for you, or just wait and see how the day goes? We don’t always know what tomorrow has in store for us. Life throws us plenty of unexpected turns and blows from all directions and you never know what’s next that you need to roll with! Expect the unexpected and fear nothing but fear itself…what are you truly capable of doing? I’m always amazed at the answers we find and at just the right time.

I’m gonna share a short story with you: I was out again for one of my early morning runs the other day, my stomach ached, my muscles were sore from the previous day’s workout, I HADN’T GOTTEN A GOOD NIGHT OF MUCH NEEDED RESTFUL SLEEP, and only one side of my headphones played music, blah,blah, blah…LOTS of whining going on with my inner-voice on how this workout was going to JUST SUCK! To make things worse, the battery was about to die on my iPod–which means no motivational music to pull me, drag me to the end!

Questions of doubt arose, “why am I running? What am I running for? Where was everyone else? I was astonished by the small number of people out exercising. Just months ago, over 55,000 people were in this city running the famous “Bolder Boulder 10K” race! I started counting–I spotted 6, just 6 people out on a beautiful early summer morning! With just enough battery, reggae beats of Ziggy Marley played with impeccable timing: “Got to do what you can with the time at hand. Don’t worry your mind it’s just the test of time…in 5 years these be the good ol days”…then my music shut off. After receiving that messaging, my whole attitude changed! In fact I leveraged this awareness and turned it into the motivation I needed to push myself to run faster, dig deeper through the rolling hills and finish with a very gratifying self-inflicted challenging experience vs. kind of just going through the motions that day so I could just check off that I did something that day.

GET IT BACK will help you in 12 short weeks, feel like more of a man or woman than you have ever been before. Look, life’s never going to be a smooth sailing ride. So why not train for all the potential ups and downs? Make an effort to look inside yourself, see into the future, and decide what it looks like. Big or small your goals are there- waiting for you! But most importantly, you MUST…BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and LIVE LIFE WITH INTENTION!

An excellent way to prepare for each day’s expected and unexpected challenges is to have in place some strategic re-focusing techniques for attracting in more of what you want vs. shutting down when challenging obstacles show up, and they will! Give these a fair try. Focus Wheels, posting ideal images to your fridge or bathroom mirror or affirmations for you to read for re-programming, grooming the mind’s intentions right when you wake or just before go to bed, creating a vision board to hang in your office…ALL of these tools tell you loud and clear at each check-in what it is you are willing to do the work to achieve in your life, no matter what! Every single day YOUR FOCUSED ACTIVITIES will lead you to your desires so much sooner than you just keeping them bottled up with thousands of other thoughts racing through your mind and competing for your attention.

Do as I Say, Not as I Did. Most of us have wisdom to share with others from doing things the “wrong way” at first-That’s how we learned so much.  Gaining wisdom with your fitness, career and personal through the mistakes of highly successful people, offers some extremely helpful insight – the kind of information that just may keep you from making mistakes others have made, so your learning curve won’t be quite as steep. I’m all for those kinds of lessons, the kind I learn from others’ painful blunders and not my own. Truth is though, we learn from the actions we take and their outcomes first hand vs. someone just telling you all about their “experience.” We don’t learn from being told. We learn from our personal experiences with our life. Fighting, and ultimately surviving, the daily battles of running a successful family or business can definitely take a toll on a person’s physical and emotional health. So how does one get through these tough times, unscathed?

With the calm sense of confidence from someone who had obviously weathered some hard storms in past experiences. Our ability to successfully bounce back depended on some universal ingredients that everyone should have in their lives, one of the most important being a consistent exercise and nutrition routine. Daily practices will keep you grounded when most needed. I can honestly say that my commitment to fitness is one of the main reasons I can keep my sanity intact. Living a healthy, well-balanced life proves invaluable when dealing with prolonged stress, which is common for many entrepreneurs. People that are fit can better deal with stressful situations and are more resilient in the face of adversity. So what activities, when the chips are down, can keep you moving and motivated, and give you an avenue to vent your frustrations? I personally enjoy daily lifting weights, making home cook meals, being active outdoors and time for mediation. When you’re passionate about what you do, you can absolutely overcome any obstacles that come your way, even the ones you never thought were a possibility for YOU. You can’t be just about work or taking care of other’s needs and demands all the time. Not only does this make you a boring person to be around, or a sales person that people try to avoid, you just get burnt out too often. You must get involved with other activities you enjoy, and also take time to give back to your community. I believe that when you just do things for yourself and your own world, there’s not enough joy in that.” Here’s to creating our own joy… And, learning from other’s mistakes, but most importantly learning from your own experiences.