Day 3: Mental Obstacles

Time To Break Down Those Barriers!

It’s Day 3 of the series and in order to move forward, we have some obstacles to overcome…
Do you know which is more critical to success-Exercise or Nutrition? The answer is neither—it’s actually your MIND!
95% of people fail while trying to achieve and maintain positive changes. Are you honestly mentally prepared to do the necessary work to create your desired outcome…to be fit, slimmer and healthier? Most of your physical progress is NOT in the beginning, which is what most people think. In truth it takes a full 3-4 months for you to start seeing substantial physical changes.
From my own personal experience and with helping thousands of clients over the years, these words of wisdom ring true every time: “You need to align your beliefs and your thoughts with a powerful unyielding mindset that you KNOW 100% without a doubt you will achieve your goal, and then day in day out stay the course, putting in the consistent  REAL work needed to mathematically accomplish your desired goals!” There’s absolutely no other way to achieve anything great in life.



  • What does it feel like to really trust yourself with the unknown?
  • What if you didn’t have to feel overwhelmed or intimidated about getting started?
  • What’s a good solution that you can apply today, tomorrow and the next day?

You can try for results by simply going through the motions, but if you desire true transformation, it’s much more than a “let’s see what happens” attitude. You need to strengthen your mind and smash through the chatter that says “you’re never going to make it” It’s just like telling yourself “I can do it!” as you learn to ride a bike for the first time and really want to get it bad.
At GET IT BACK we aren’t afraid at all to push you past your limitations, to challenge your norm and inspire greatness deep from within! It’s out there, out on the edge of your self-imposed limitations where you free yourself from the prison of your comfort zone you created and find your self, reinvent yourself, transform in the burning fire. If you are willing to do the work, then anything—ABSOLUTELY, MOST DEFINITELY…ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Isn’t it time to stop shrinking back and playing it safe? IT’S TIME to regain your youth!
Put in the time! If it’s important enough to you, then you will make the time to do it—PRIORITIZE! PRIORITIZE! PRIORITIZE! If exercising and eating right isn’t a priority, then you will never find the time to do it. As with ANYTHING in life…if you don’t choose to master new skills that will allow you to grow as a person, then you’ll continue to be the same person, creating the same life experiences over and over and over again. We will help you apply the 10,000 reps rule—meaning anything is possible if you put in the right amount of time under tension to master the skills that you need.
Here’s an idea… Ask your self some self-reflecting questions that help you begin the process of helping you to transform from the inside out into the person you want to be, such as “What are the necessary action steps required for me to get from where I am at today and unsatisfied to where I absolutely desire to be in record time…vs. never getting there and just complaining?
Over these first 5 days you will have access to the first chapter of the GET IT BACK SYSTEM. We’ve broken the materials down into bite-size digestible chunks. CLICK the link below, download, print, read and put this gem of information into real-world practice by doing a thorough job of completing all the activities and questions, TODAY!