Day 17: Missing Success?

You’ve come so far in this series.

Its Day 17—Let’s take full advantage of having your very own coach and learn about setting intelligent goals! We already know that every day is a new day, every moment is a new moment! You got one significant opportunity here to lay your foundation for total success, say goodbye to the old you and let the transformation game begin! If you haven’t already set some personal fitness goals for yourself, now’s the time to learn how to do this so you have your road map of the direction you are heading before you actually set off on your journey. Realistically, there will be detours and there will be set-backs along the way. Getting fit starts with a promise to yourself that this is getting done no matter what obstacles show up. The GET IT BACK system will provide you with a flexible workable plan to get you to your fitness goals, guaranteed!

Let’s look at professional athletes, they all have coaches and a support team, so should you! Your coach ignores your BS excuses and self-imposed limitations and inspires you to step out of those heavy chains. One of the best things about hiring a fitness coach is that you will have someone with you on your journey to a healthier you. They won’t blow smoke up your BLEEP just to keep you smiling, in a pleasant mood and heavens forbid rock the boat. Champions come in pairs of two! It’s just you and your coach, but together you are a team, striving and pushing those boundaries out further. We all have those days where we begin the morning or mid-afternoon just dragging and quickly come up with every excuse to bail on positive fitness intentions. You may fool yourself, but not your coach. They’ve heard these excuses too many times before. With them you are held to a much higher-level of accountability than is comfortable as they help you turn these moments into high points, where you unbelievably turned things around and soared.

When it comes to GET IT BACK UNIVERSITY students are trained to just get things done, no excuses…whatever it takes! We help you become very strong here, both mentally and physically. You can expect your coach will be very compassionate, yet straight-forward helping you break through the mental obstacles required to achieve your success. If you follow your coach’s advice it’s really impossible not to win here!

AT GET IT BACK UNIVERSITY you receive Year-Round Support: Our fitness planning does not follow rigid schedules. Your seasoned fitness, nutrition and lifestyle expert is available throughout the year at anytime to answer any questions via email or to schedule private appointments when additional help is needed. We like to think of ourselves as your one-stop-shop resource for all your fitness, health and wellness needs as they come up.

So if you are still wondering what’s the #1 missing success ingredient from any fitness program that’s supposed to work…drum roll, it’s having a COACH! Your coach is the glue from where you are starting from to where you want to get to and continue to move forward from. You coach helps you identify your strengths as well as any hidden weaknesses, helps you assemble a realistic structured, but flexible plan you can adhere to that yields the best possible dividends over time and then they just aren’t even slightly afraid to hold you accountable with what you said is so important to you and that you both made a commitment to. You both realize no guts, no glory!

If you haven’t reached out humbly asking for help yet, let’s pair up now for your success! EVERY SINGLE SESSION you get to work 1-on-1 with your coach, statistics show your results go up 10-FOLD! Your coach will give you the means for minimal effort (investment) for maximum return with a step-by-step plan, everything laid out. But here’s the important truth that you need to adopt today…to have success in your life…with whatever you choose to go after, otherwise no coach can really help you:

REPEAT AFTER ME AT THE ENDOF THE DAY- “I keep focused and never take my eyes off the prize. I do whatever it takes to ultimately be successful, because I have no other options. Nobody will out hustle me! I did everything I could today to push myself one step closer to realizing my dream.”

What if that BOLDER in your way was just a simple, small pebble in the way of your path for your coach to help you flick away and move on? Would you stay attached to being stuck or would you ask for the help you’ve blindly needed? Today’s activity is the heavy lifting help you’ve been searching AIMLESSLY for. Now the help to remove ANY and ALL obstacles is in your lap. TAKE ACTION!



  1. Is your role model, mentor, helping you to achieve a wholesome lifestyle.
  2. Holds you accountable to your commitment to the highest level of personal integrity
  3. Is willing to get uncomfortable with you as you confront your demons and self-imposed limitations that block the doorway of the changes you desire. He will help you get past not only your legitimate excuses but also your self-fabricated stories that limit you in grasping your achievements.
  4. Sees you as the “diamond in the rough” and wants to help you become vibrant. You can rebuild your body and spirit and become empowered. Are you done settling for a mediocre lifestyle? Are you ready to be excellent?
  5. Ensures that the activities completed together will lower your body fat percentage, build lean muscle, while completely reshaping your mind, body and life into the youthful one you desire.
  6. Understands that champions come in teams. Together, you can be a champion of your own life once again. Champions are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams. Are you?