Day 16: Change Approach!

Ready. Set. Change.

Welcome to Day 16- I think it’s time for a little attitude adjustment. We’ve all heard, “Attitude is…EVERYTHING!” Making the conscious effort to be kinder than necessary to everyone you meet will not only serve those around you better, but your mind will quickly adapt to a more positive level of thinking. Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain and make room on the dance floor for others. Do you want to be successful in LIFE?

No matter how blessed or distressed you are with your life currently, your first priority at the end/beginning of every month should be to make the needed revisions to your life plan and be flexible with adjustments needed that may have come up during this time. If you no longer want to experience any guilt, shame or fear with what’s become of your fitness, you gotta push that dark cloud away that’s been following you, once and for all.

How? You’ve got to have a precise plan for each new month at the beginning or you’re screwed. That’s right…you need a new inspirational plan with fresh new goals and challenges to build off the preceding month’s plan and whatever happened. If you don’t have a “specific” target goal in mind, then you’ll never get where you want to go or experience any substantial improvements worth mentioning. Leave your past in the past and focus now on heading into your desirable future, a world where you make the impossible become possible on a daily basis. Do so and your enthusiasm and follow through with improving your exercise AND NUTRITION will make a quantum leap! Just project positivity, focus and determination and catch yourself whenever you start slipping so you can avoid falling into a total funk. BE the attitude of that difference you WISH to experience daily!

You can be the most positive, optimistic sounding person when confronting areas of your life that aren’t working, but that will do you little good other than make you feel a little better about it in the moment…if you don’t take massive action. There’s no way around this next step.  So pick inspirational activities to match your inspiring goals. and get to work! This is truly what will shift your reality towards what you desire. Today would be a great day to create a mini inspirational board, find the right inspirational daily quote and project the experience you wish to create into every day moving forward. Then create a TASK LIST to execute and get some momentum with accomplishing one small forward movement activity. Tomorrow get another small task or two completed and so on…until those tasks just get bigger and bigger and you are able to recognize a shift because…of course of all that is getting movement, hopefully completed!