Day 15: GOOD Or BAD Pain?

Keep It Up. No Pain, No Gain!

We are just over the two-week mark and now ½-way through the series. I know we’ve covered some painful stuff. Speaking of pain…If you have joint or back pain, you’re not alone! Nearly 80% of people will experience lower back pain in their lifetime (ouch)! Knowing stretches and exercises to help your muscles stay healthy is critical! Many people believe that their injury or pain is so great that they are incapable of beginning any exercise program. This is NOT TRUE!

We’ve all heard, “If the shoe fits, wear it”–why do people insist on holding on to their old sneakers forever, like they are sentimentally attached? If your shoes are cracked, worn down, feel stiff, or if you’ve noticed any pain or soreness in your feet, knees, or lower back, then buy some new shoes!

BIOMECHANICS AND MOVEMENT ARE EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN SHOES! Yes, even a 150 dollar pair of Nike Stabilizing shoes aren’t going to correct poor form. You may actually be creating the pain by using improper form while exercising. We specialize in corrective exercise choices that help our students eliminate unnecessary pain, almost immediately by making minor changes to their form. Our students who suffered from back pain were able to run again after our FULL BODY TRANSFORMATION and had amazing results with our HEALTHY SPINE CORRECTIVE exercises.

Transform Your Gym Experience with constant attention to postural adjustments. Before you decide to improve the appearance of your body in the gym, it’s essential that you check in with that mirror right there in front of you to make sure you set up good posture as well as making a commitment throughout whatever exercise you are PERFORMING that you maintain a very high level of total body awareness. Otherwise, unfortunately, unwanted loading is going to areas where you don’t want these repetitive, abusive and often damaging loads. Over time if you are exercising with poor technique and body awareness you ARE just beating up your joints and tendons vs. the more desirable muscles you are attempting to transform. All that time and effort not just ineffectively wasted, but absolutely damaging!

If you haven’t signed up yet, get started today at GET IT BACK UNIVERSITY and we will begin with a diagnostic evaluation, health history, and multiple assessments to ensure the correct first steps are taken! At GET IT BACK UNIVERSITY we are huge advocates of a high intensity interval style training approach, but this doesn’t come with neglect of listening to your body and what is a good burning pain in the muscle to shoot for vs. the bad pain often felt by most, unfortunately in their joints and tendons where it shouldn’t be. Carelessness is recklessness!