Day 12: Sugar & Alcohol

We’re just about ½ way through the series. Oh won’t victory be so sweet!? While on sweet things, today you’re about to learn some surprising facts about how sugar and the hidden sugar in alcohol is absolutely without a doubt sabotaging all the real benefits you expect and could be getting from all your efforts.

First things first, there is NO health benefit in REFINED SUGAR…yet… we consume it like it’s one of the main food groups! There are healthier alternatives to sugar that our body can process more easily into insulin. Just be mindful of all the sugar hidden in everything. Artificial sweeteners contain no calories but are controversial due to other health risks they may pose. I, personally, use Agave, Stevia, organic raw honey and maple syrup for my sweeteners. STAY AS CLOSE TO MOTHER NATURE AS POSSIBLE…last time I checked, there aren’t any artificial sweeteners in lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits!

Alcohol is the simplest sugar there is—it doesn’t release stored body fat. Worse than that, within 90-120 minutes after consumption, your blood sugar drops. SO…HERE COME THE MUNCHIES! Have no fear-CHEAT DAYS CAN SAVE YOU! Don’t feel guilty when you plan ahead for this–you won’t get fat in a day! Your body will learn to burn through the indulgence on the other 6 days of the week.

So why are you listening to this? Ask yourself this question. We didn’t find you–you found us. MAYBE…The reason is something about your life has GOTTA CHANGE. Eliminating or reducing refined sugars in your diet is one of the simplest ways to start that change! When you eat sugary, highly processed foods it sabotages your body and stops you from burning fat. In order to be successful with our GET IT BACK System you need to have the want factor! This means cutting out the bad stuff, making those necessary changes and wanting to succeed so badly that you make all the essential sacrifices! This will determine your success or failure in the long run. When you put together the want and drive, you are unstoppable!

Make the decision today to cut out refined sugars. Instead look for healthier, natural alternatives to ease your sweet tooth. Start giving your body the nutritional needs it’s really asking for with these misleading sugar cravings that grow into addictive behavioral patterns. Making this change is not as difficult to make as you might think. You are not removing all your enjoyment from food. You are removing the slow hitting, hidden poisons that steal away your dreams! Try fruit instead…

I get a lot of questions regarding nutrition and fitness.  Well, maybe a lot is an understatement.  Sometimes I’m a little overwhelmed with the amount of questions I get; however that’s what I’m here for: To answer your questions and to provide solutions to your problems. In this lesson I will address one of the very common questions I get regarding fat loss and alcohol.  More often than a lot I get the question: “Should I stop drinking alcohol all together if I want to lose fat?”

First and foremost whenever you consume excess amounts of alcohol the body will simply view it as a toxin. Therefore, as soon as it enters your system all fat burning is going to come to a screeching halt! It won’t resume until that toxin has made its way through the body, so it will slow down the rate of progress you see. However, if you know how to make wise choices when you’re looking to have a few social cocktails or “adult beverages” you just may be able to minimize the damage and keep your body in fat burn mode.

Just remember that a majority of the bad calories that people consume come from various beverages, so with that said be sure if a night of indulging is on your to do list, you eighty six any other liquid calories that may have otherwise been present in your daily regimen, not to mention your diet should be on point as well.

Now let’s take a look at your main options:

Liquors (Mixed with soda, juice or water)

If liquor is your drink of choice I highly recommend either drinking it straight, in moderation of course or mixing it with some sort of diet beverage, water, or club soda. Never mix with tonic water which has unnecessary amounts of sugar and in my opinion tastes horrible. If you choose wisely you will minimize your calorie consumption. Each shot will contain only around 70 calories total, so this won’t put too large of a dent in your nutrition regimen. Yes, your beverages may taste a little more top notch so to speak, however if fat loss is your goal you should be asking yourself what’s more important:  Getting intoxicated or reaching your goal and I think we all know the answer to that one.


Beer has more carbs than liquor, so it may not be the ideal choice or is it?. Beer is usually around 150-200 calories depending on the size of the glass or bottle however, so it’s still not incredibly high and detrimental to your progress. The type of beer you consume and how much really is the key.  If you are a beer drinker and the typical light beer is your drink of choice then you may want to switch to something a bit more dark and calorie dense.  Why do I say this? Light beer drinkers tend to drink in excess because Light beer is so low in calories it’s easy to keep pouring them down the hatch and when you look up your already a 6 pack deep and several hundred calories overboard. However, there are benefits to drinking a darker beer such as a stout which contains antioxidants not present in a light beer.  Also, dark beer fills you up so you won’t be inclined to drink as much and as fast. The challenge with having a beer is that it’s most often accompanied with chicken wings, pizza, nachos, or other high fat, high calorie food, so obviously those calories get added in as well.


If you’re a wine connoisseur like myself, this may be the wiser choice in the sense that wine will provide some health benefits as it has been shown to be heart healthy (red wines) and will also only offer around 100-120 calories per glass. Keep in mindthat most traditional serving sized glasses that many people use do contain 8 oz or more, so this calorie count could be doubled.


Cocktails can be your worst choice as they will contain enormous amounts of sugar due to the variety of added mixers which can be between 300-500 calories.  Do your best to avoid these if you can.  Down a few of these in a night and you’ll definitely be throwing your entire nutrition regimen out the window. Look…if you just have 1-2 drinks a couple times/week and make smart decisions with what food accompanies them, they definitely won’t wreak havoc on your fat loss results. Yes, you need to enjoy life and have some balance, but don’t do it at the expense of your health and fitness goals.

Moderation is key. Here’s one of our favorite ways to enjoy moderation…


Fuel Up Right Before Workouts & Outdoor Excursions

If you’re looking for the perfect on-the-go meal/desert treat, these are the best-tasting energy bars on the planet! I created them in my own kitchen, and I sold 5,000 of them as a fundraiser in just 2 months. Now, I’m sharing the recipe with you!

Make a batch to store in your freezer for a quick grab when you’re in a rush or are going for a hike, workout, or long drive. This bar will provide you with more than enough fuel for your activities, and it tastes great! Enjoy, but don’t eat too many or have them before going to bed, as all that sugar, even though from more natural, “healthy” sources (granola, dried fruit, brown rice syrup, agave, etc.), will just get stored as fat – something to remember the next time you grab a energy bar at the convenience store.

This is just one of the great recipes you’ll learn with the GET IT BACK System.


  • 1 cup oat granola (any flavor you like)
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 3 cups of your favorite dried fruit, nut & seed mixture
  • 1/3 cup agave
  • 2/3 cup brown rice syrup
  • 2/3 cup vanilla whey protein powder
  • 2/3 cup natural crunchy peanut butter (no added sugar)
  • 1/4 cup carob chips (optional)


  1. Remember: “Clean as you go is the pro.” (This is a quote from a friend of mine who’s a professional chef. It means you should clean up as you go along instead of waiting until the very end. Good advice!)
  2. Preheat oven to 300º. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, and then mix thoroughly with your hands (don’t lick your fingers!). Be patient and keep mixing, as it takes a while to absorb all the protein powder. Do not add water!
  3. Press the mixture evenly across a lightly greased, 13 x 9-inch pan. Bake for 30 minutes. Let them sit for 30 minutes before cutting into 16 bars.
  4. Cover and keep at room temperature for a couple of hours, as the flavor will improve. Then pack into small plastic bags and store in the freezer.