Week 12: Success Killers

It’s your final week. Congrats on making it this far!

We’ve actually come a long way in such a short period of time. You’ve learned through doing, really applying this informationyour life vs. the limited affect of just understanding something theoretically, which has minimal impact at best. You know what you should be doing, but you’re not!

We have all heard the quote, “Goals without a plan are just dreams.” Maybe/ hopefully you’re finding success with your new program and healthy life style but perhaps you’re still not hitting every goal you want. Let’s look at silent killers to your success.

1-YOU are flat out, delusional and don’t know where you are at.

2-YOU are drifting without a specific plan of action.

3-YOU seriously don’t take care about your fitness and health and no one else does either.

4-YOU are trying to do this all alone with limited experience in the nutrition and fitness world (no coach TO BE ACCOUNTABLE WITH).

In the grand scheme of things 6-12 months of hard work isn’t a lot of sacrifice of irresponsible fun time if you are going to be here for another 30-50 years or so, right?

Start taking better care of yourself. NO doctor, spouse, therapist, trainer or coach is even 1/100th as qualified as you are, once you get the right training. It’s time to take a stand. Don’t Drift Away! You have already come so far in this program- if you’re feeling stuck or need extra help meeting ALL your goals- meet with your coach, that’s why they are here! At GET IT BACK UNIVERSITY we are here for you on as many levels needed to ensure your success. What makes your goals hard to achieve is the hidden limiting beliefs that reside in your always active subconscious mind. It is the limits of your own imagination of how high you can go that is the #1 predetermining factor. This is where the real work must begin.

Thank you for participating in these quick lessons. We hope they’ve been helpful, applicable in your life and saved you some time, frustrations and money. At the same time if you’ve applied some of these teachings, principles and tricks of the trade in your life and they’ve also given you the means to gain some self-confidence and self-empowerment back. Wishing you nothing but the very best in your stake in the game of life, your dreams total fulfillment and making the world a better place for your fellow human beings also having to get through some often challenging days. Work on lending a hand before it’s needed.