Week 10: Lean Into The Pain

No Pain. No Gain.

There is no doubt if you’re working hard with your coach, by now you will be experiencing some serious aches and pains as your new body is being transformed. To help propel you through your next workout, these suggestions, (though not a cure-all) are simple recommendation to help relieve your pain.

    Foam rollers are those white cylinder things at the gym or spikey black “Rumble Roller” for you, advanced folks. Foam rollers act as a self myo-fascia tissue release, working out adhesions, tight muscles and inelastic tissue. You need to stretch the overactive, excited and inflamed muscles. If you can get a deep tissue massage from a seasoned professional this will really help the muscles recover quicker for the next intense training by breaking up adhesions from past traumas or abuse.
    Not only is this an essential part of your training, but this will give you strength to reverse the muscular imbalances. Joints can become misaligned from too much “tug of war” going on between muscle imbalances (usually tight and/or weak muscles). The hurt will come and the sweat will drip, but we are the experts at ensuring painless workouts for your joints. You want to avoid over-training and under-training all the muscles in your body that strive to work together.

Our unique courses at GET IT BACK UNIVERSITY are designed to cultivate excellence and stimulate complete transformation from the inside out. This includes an always well-balanced training and nutrition regimen that fits your current schedule and demands and produces your desired results! Along with pushing your mind and body to it’s limits we MUST focus on therapies that allow your body to stay healthy and strong and have the ability to keep taking on new challenges safely.

Give these therapies a chance to work for you this week. If you just do a few of these each day you will get into a consistent enough groove that when things flare up (and they will), you can trust yourself to be proactive enough to relieve them.