Week 8: Long-Range Path

Are you no longer a fool to well-marketed shortcuts?

Sometimes we want weight loss so badly that we look for a quick, temporary psychological fixes. Many of us have turned to tanning, saunas, herbal wraps, caffeine, fad diets and 3-day cleanses that restrict our food and liquid intake. All of these through dehydration, give the immediate false impression of weight loss and are usually followed shortly by rapid weight gain and even deeper discouragement.

This is your transformation phase, YOUR ending to the CYCLE OF DESPAIR! By consenting to grow and transform, you take on a whole new level of opportunities, healing and prosperity for your future life.

“I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for my own health and well-being. I understand that physical, mental and emotional healing is a collaboration between myself and my coach. Healing does not merely happen to me. Healing is something that I do. I consent to do my part in this collaboration. I understand that my coach treats me, not the problems I’m having and that this agreement is for myself and for others affected by how I live my life. I happily consent, on all parts and on all levels that I am to heal, grow and transform. I acknowledge that this consent requires that I increase some positive behaviors and decrease some negative behaviors… BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!”

Remember champions come in pairs of twos. I am here to help you 100% transform and GET IT BACK! Post this consent on your mirror and read it out loud with enthusiasm and the deepest of intentions every day both in the morning and evening as a reminder that you are in this for the long run. Then it’s off to the races to see how much you can increase your rate of improvement over time.