Week 7: Your Comfort Zone

Okay, we are over the halfway mark. Find your comfort zone…then leave it!

What have you been doing up until this point? Have you honestly been doing the work that’s really going to make any significant measurable difference? Hopefully so- you are here after all! Comfort zones are meant to be broken. On the outside edge of your zone, is where transformations are made. If you want to get through any of these new future challenges, you’ll need to follow-through every step of the way! Can you trust yourself to do this?

Having a coach that’s not afraid to continually push and pull you out of your comfort zone is a rare thing to find. In fact at first, you’re not going to like it. It can even be scary, uncomfortable. But when you’re transforming now at such a rapid rate, it’s clearly the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself. A skilled coach will help you grow immensely as a person and provide you with empowering feedback and an arsenal full of tools to help you stay empowered, pumped up and able to break through any of your arising self-doubt.

Trying new things, is the spice of life- you would never get anywhere if you didn’t… right? When you’re at the gym, pushing through your workouts, near exhaustion and dripping in sweat or climbing that steep hill, don’t fixate on the pain. Float your mind to the tasks you’ve already accomplished and what you’ve got left! Focusing on the pain will only stop you and make you quit, and give up. Instead, when you begin to feel that knife dig in, visualize your goals, your new body, your improved strength and stamina and how happy and healthy you feel.

But hey, if you’re still here, this says a lot about who you are and where you want to go. It means you’ve already been pushed way out of your zone before and you have the will to push through again to continue to win at this. At GET IT BACK UNIVERSITY expect to experience unreal, often seemingly crazy new workouts, like you’ve never experienced before!

Just be open and adventurous with your workouts (and nutrition routines)…and see for yourself how amazing you feel. YES, you will feel challenged like never before. But upon each completion of new activities you will feel so strong and powerful, fulfilled and a little sore too!