Week 6: Align With Nature

It’s Week 6 and you are now half way there to completing this first transformation series.

You must be experiencing unbelievable results at this point. Nice work, BUT you got some serious work ahead-SO PREPARE YOURSELF! Our mind is very good at making excuses when it doesn’t want to be challenged. But I want you to challenge all that. We’re going to retrain your mind to have the ability to shift quickly from doubting yourself to absolutely believing in yourself with certainty, in an instant!

Here are 3 “LIFE TRUTHS” to put to the test as BELIEFS for your life and get them working FOR you:

    YES, the world is often chaotic and dangerous. In a rapidly changing world there are new systems coming into place that we must adjust to, very quickly. We need to improvise, adapt and overcome unknown, unforeseen obstacles in a heartbeat. Hard physical training and right thinking go hand-in-hand. Remove “It’s TOO…hard, I’m TOO old, I’m TOO out of shape, and all the other self-imposed limitations and you will open yourself up to your desires becoming a reality. Your training is the foundation for supporting all your efforts in life. There is an athlete/warrior in EVERYONE! You’re just not as lazy or common as you hold yourself down to be. Uphold yourself to a higher set of standards and values that inspire you to act on them, and sky’s the limit in your creations.
    Your personal growth encompasses 5 INTERDEPENDENT Domains: As your transformation continues these domains will all grow simultaneously, daily: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Awareness and Intuition/Spiritual. Destiny favors the well-prepared. Therefore you MUST train your mind, body and spirit daily, feeding it knowledge and skills for handling the changing world. We also MUST Innovate, always be looking for the best ways to improve your training methods. Don’t be afraid to take risks.
    Leadership development is essential to meaningful life. Leadership is not a principle or bag of tricks, it’s your character shown through example in the arena of daily life unfolding. How you operate, act, communicate, and develop trust, exhibit values, traits and behaviors means everything. Treat EVERYONE with Respect, build rapport andwhen the trust is there, sometimes tough love is the most honest and empowering energy you can give to a situation and move mountains out of the way of inspiring creations.

Practice owning these truths and living by them and you will be better prepared, ready to come back, stop whining, complaining and bowing out of challenges! Fill in any gaps where you think you’ve been getting away with slacking on adhering to these universal truths. Not adhering to these powerful rules to guide you and live by religiously each day can lead to disastrous outcomes over time. This week is going to transform your thinking and behaviors across the board. In the next several weeks to come you will reap the reward from your efforts.