Week 5: Aging With Grace

Age Is NOT A Death Sentence! Okay, so you’re older now, and you keep getting older…

And you want to enjoy having a healthy lifestyle once again. It’s not so easy…there are components that are an absolute must to keep us injury-free and fit as we age! To achieve your optimal self it must be done steadily vs. just jumping in recklessly like we might have gotten away with in our younger years. Climbing at a moderate pace through your intelligently structured training, nutrition and supplement regimens is key. These 3 key components are absolutely pertinent for your success:

1) TRAINING: Warm-up for at least 5-10 minutes to wake everything up for increasing efforts to come (Better extraction of oxygen from the blood stream to the muscles you will be working, more lubrication in the joints, greater elasticity in the muscles, getting your mind ready for battle before you step into the arena at maximal levels). Then when performing resistance training use the mirrors to focus on technique as a priority vs. using weights that are too heavy to maintain good form. Otherwise, you are much more likely to tear down your body vs. stimulating the building of quality muscle! Switch up your cardio, often (CROSS TRAIN)! By changing up the types of cardio you perform, you not only keep your body guessing which increases the amount of body fat that you’re able to burn, but you spare joints from over-abuse by varying it. One strategy is to alternate workouts between cardio, flexibility, balance and other forms of exercise besides resistance training.

2) Nutrition: 90% of your results come from sound nutrition aligned with an intelligent exercise regimen. IF this is so, then more of your focus throughout the day and week should be on well-disciplined eating of both well-balance macro-nutrients and getting these from highest quality of food sources available.

3) Botanical Herbs: Herbs are beneficial for strengthening and muscle tissue growth when you’re young, but they’re essential for supporting overall health, bone and muscle maintenance as you age. You should know which foods along with nature’s herbs that can help with the aging process.

This week put in place the support means to optimize your continuum of fitness, health and well-being efforts for years to come. Add some new choices that cement intelligent daily and weekly choices that add up to a healthy balance and longevity. Old fears and habits take you away from sticking to techniques that work and progress then becomes stalled. Just know that anytime you are learning something quickly expect frustrations and recognize it as a part of progress and work through it. Don’t let lifelong fears prevent any real significant progress. At GET IT BACK UNIVERSITY we believe in following a system of logical steps that address and reduce potential frustrations.