Week 4: A Balanced Life

It’s WEEK 4 and by now you are very focused and showing commitment.

This doesn’t mean life will give you a break to get things done with ease. With the never-ending “to-do lists” life seems to bring upon us and the go, go, go mentality of today’s society, it can be hard to keep peace, balance, and prosperity in your life. How do we make enough time to juggle all that life throws at us and maintain our best intentions with our fitness? Here’s just 3 things you can do that work:

    From my own experience as a business owner, I can definitely say that this hits the nail on the head. I’ve witnessed the greatest prosperity in life from empowering others, who came to me feeling stuck or defeated, to make positive changes. Luckily, this is what I love to do. If you don’t love what you do, it’s time to move on, SOONER THAN LATER!
    Your “MINDSET” must shift before your behaviors and habits shift. The right attitude must also be maintained day in and day out…until you get where you want to go and then on to the next goal. Throughout the journey you must maintain a narrow focus that is 2 inches wide and 2 miles deep constantly making adjustments, just like playing a fun, yet serious game of darts shooting to get closer to your target. Intentions, alone will not get you to your dreams. Once you adopt this foundational mindset of purpose, learning the tools to implement your dreams becomes a written spread sheet, a matter of fact opposed to spiraling unfulfilled day dreams in your head that no one really cares to hear any more about.
    YES, ponder the things in life that you believe will truly make you happy! Extrinsic aspirations, such as being rich or looking good, should be combined with intrinsic aspirations, such as feeling connected and having self-worth and detachment from outcomes. This can indeed create happiness in the present moment as well as happy memories of your life’s adventure and achievements. Take time each day to look both inside yourself for peace and to stay grounded…as well as look the future and decide what goals you wish to go after withe great belief in yourself!

This week get into practice daily clearing your mind of any non-sense not serving you and others well, creating a healthy “Peak Mindset,” and then learn how to tame it to be unleashed with wild force on a moments notice as needed. Practice getting out of your head and unstuck, fast..self-generating a healthy life balance in an instance vs. waiting for things to change and evidence to stack up.