Week 3: Your Ideal Vision

This Is The Pivotal Moment! 

WEEK 3 is a pivotal point in ANY program hoping to rekindle your fitness and nutrition relationship, as this is when people either bail or they buckle down and stick to their game plan.

What if I told you the same way to creating your “Ideal You & Life” …is the same way to get out of DEPRESSION, anxiety and any other mental suffering you might be trying to avoid? The solution is having some DAILY UNREASONABLE RULES TO PLAY BY, to believe in, principles, self-disciplines to live by…an exact science to helping you decode the most difficult challenges in record time for the greatest potential success.



  • Think positive, but tackle big things in small enough chunks, hyper-focus on completing
  • Supportive teamwork will get you there faster!
  • Constantly change the frame of limiting perspective you look at things
  • Use energy of anger to trump, transmute the emotion of fear, just tread carefully with it.
  • Self-discipline is temporary pain vs permanence of regret
  • Do what you love & master it with daily practice and hard, focused work
  • Serve a higher cause of your focus on helping others, rather than your lower-self’s own selfish interests
  • Never, ever quit! Change the course, keep giving another attempt until success is reached
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself and pull yourself up by you bootstraps-No one else can or will!


  • Get Sunshine Vitamin D’s Daily
  • Eat the best sources of whole foods for the best nutrient absorption for your body’s needs
  • Avoid non-essential food-like options so they don’t get into your system and reap havoc
  • Become an inspired/intuitive home chef that finds time to enjoy preparing quick meals on-the-go
  • Eat balanced, nutrient-dense mini-meals throughout the day that feed your body and brain
  • Use caution with supplements, drugs, alcohol, meats, dairy and grains and you’ll save money and your health


  • Get started TODAY to be your fittest, just patiently take it step-by-step, small ones at first
  • Expose yourself to greater challenges on the edge of the unknown, expanding your comfort zone
  • Participate in activities that bring you joy and find pleasure in new ones never considered
  • Train/get bullet-proof in the gym so you can get outside for fresh air and new adventures
  • Cross train/mix it up, high intensity intervals get those feel good endorphins going
  • Train smart, hard, like an athlete that gets all the benefits, do the impossible until possible
  • Aspire to get stronger than ever and improve your stamina tremendously
  • Increase your pain threshold and work ethic with regular challenging challenges