Week 2: Recalibrate Again

Congrats on making it to WEEK 2!

You are NOT EVEN CLOSE to being done! But after today’s lesson you will be far enough away from where you first started that there’s absolutely no chance in going back.

Going through the emotions of making a lifestyle change can be emotionally draining. We often find ourselves mid-way through asking, “Why are we doing this… Can I really keep this intensity and consistency up at this level?” The self-doubt comes back when the initial momentum fades, slowly creeping in trying to sabotage all the progress you have already made. So here’s the thing- By now, you have gone through the 30-Day GET IT BACK program, so you’re already more than equipped to handle these little hurdles, swiftly. That being said, we all need gentle reminders to pick us up and keep us on track. So here are FOUR ways to recalibrate QUICKLY when you’re feeling discouraged.

  1. KNOW what motivates you, as a person. Examine your values, and take a look at what makes you feel the most alive during your day. Uncovering your motivation can help you create life and work with meaning, keep you positive, upbeat and give you focus. Enhancing self-awareness helps you pay attention to the moments in your day that make you feel inspired, like you are serving your true purpose and let other trivial details that could upset you if you didn’t have anything else going…get to you.
  2. BE the person that you want to be by figuring out how to align your life with your goals. Once you know your true self and what drives you, you can set inspiring goals that will help you achieve your true desires. Keep in mind that small changes work better than drastic changes when you are trying to tweak your life just enough to get momentum going in the right direction.
  3. Become a LEADER of others along a path of greater alignment. Figure out how to know yourself and be the person you want to be, then share this knowledge and motivation with others so you can be a catalyst for them gaining access to their own unique path.
  4. Be AUTHENTIC in EVERYTHING you do. By letting go of any fear you might have about being yourself even in uncertain situations, you will learn to trust yourself and develop rapport with who you really are. It’s from this place that you will finally discover and align yourself with your true desires and hold steadfast to making better, more consistent choices for yourself and your life’s direction.

Don’t give up on yourself, EVER. Quitting is not an option!\

This week you are going to create for yourself a sweet opportunity to strengthen that important mental muscle called “MINDSET.” Develop your recalibration strategy, the ability to FLIP THE SWITCH on a dime and completely shift your energy into full throttle positivity and total belief in yourself, even when you feel like you just can’t, WON’T! After you give this method a fair shot you will be blown away by your new reality as if super-hero software had be reinstalled into your old hard drive…AND YOUR BACK!