Week 1: The Best Results

Welcome to your 1st week of GET TRANSFORMED (3-Month Mind/Body Challenge)!

Here’s 12 powerful lessons coming at you to help you completely transform your mind, body and life from the inside out, in record time and with sustainability!

I’m Glenn Hattem your GET IT BACK COACH! Through this quick series we’re gonna challenge you both mentally and physically to learn and apply a simple strategy that will BEGIN TO transform your nutrition, exercise, lifestyle beliefs and habits into ones that produce extraordinary results. Together, we’ll ensure that you become the person most likely to succeed with all your fitness aspirations! Let’s get start on this new journey, RIGHT NOW!

IF you haven’t completed the GET IT BACK series you will want to do this first before moving forward into this advanced work. Okay, here’s our first lesson and then your homework to get done this week. Commit to giving this week your full attention and I assure you real results are about to happen, almost immediately!

Throughout the first 30 days of the GET IT BACK program, we drilled in healthy, clean eating and intelligent, well-balanced exercise routines. We also hammered into your skull a way to look at things differently, a new philosophy on living and approaching life that yields bigger dividends for your time and efforts. Today we are going to focus on Nutrition and go DEEP! 90% of your results are determined by your nutrition, the other 10 has to do with the quality of your workouts. This is WHY we need to address nutrition first here.

This program is macro based, not calorie based even though we do use some initial calculations involving calories. From your participation in the GET IT BACK System you should have developed by now a good eating cycle of 5 mini meals a day incorporating excellent readily available sources of lean proteins throughout, lots of veggies the ladder half and some fruits in the earlier part of the day. You’ve also lightly dabbled with carbohydrate manipulations to get your body to burn more fat on certain days. So now let’s take your nutrition a step further to where you begin to incinerate remaining fat stores, while having your energy go right through the roof. Sound good?

For this TOTAL TRANSFORMATION program to work best you want to make sure you hit all your macros, so first you will need to base your calories off of your macros (Protein, Carbs & Fats). This is how you calculate calories from your macros: Calories = (4*protein) (4*carbs) (9*fats)

Looking over these example numbers listed below, you will get a through understanding of how this works. BUT if you don’t apply this information in the real world with real food outside the laboratory numbers…you won’t have a personal experience with this information, which is the only way to really…OWN THIS INFORMATION’S TRUTH! Once you do you will own this amazing new reality for a very long time. You will notice the first phase is higher because it’s meant to STABILIZE your metabolism BEFORE YOU BRING down your carbs each subsequent 3-week phase. PROTEINS AND FATS STAY THE SAME! You should follow this pretty closely because it will help to better your results than if you just started cutting out carbs altogether right away. The only thing I would caution is recalculating these macros every week BASED ON YOUR WEIGHT CHANGES, unless you lost weight very drastically.

If you want to truly RIP-UP and keep the results, the following example gives you a simple macro-nutrient manipulation strategy to do this in just 12 weeks, that is if you are training intelligently too, 6 days/week at “high intensity!”

Here’s an example of myself when I was 210 lbs. and wanted to start dropping just body fat weight and lean up a bunch, down to 190lbs. (20 lbs. lost), fast! You can plug-n-play your own weight to get your own personal DAILY numbers. If you are say 150 lbs. then enter it where it says 210 lbs, and work your way down stream following the directions as change will surely happen, and FAST!

Phase 1 (Weeks 1-3): Put on Lean Metabolically Active Muscle To Boost Metabolism Before Dropping Serious Weight!
Protein = 1.5g / lb –> 210 x 1.5 = 315 grams of carbs for the day x 4 calories = 1260
Fats = 0.5g / lb –> 210 x 0.5 = 105 grams of carbs for the day x 9 calories = 945
Carbs = 1.5g /lb –> 210 x 1.5 = 315 grams of carbs for the day x 4 calories = 1260
Calories = 3,465

Phase 2 (Weeks 4-6): Start To Peel Off Body Fat
*If your weight dropped a bit to say 200, then…
Protein = 1.5g / lb –> 200 x 1.5 = 300 grams of carbs for the day x 4 calories = 1200
Fats = 0.5g / lb –> 200 x 0.5 = 100 grams of carbs for the day x 9 calories = 900
Carbs = 1.0g /lb –> 200 x 1.0 = 200 grams of carbs for the day x 4 calories = 800
Calories = 2,900

Phase 3 (Weeks 7-9): Begin To Incinerate Body Fat Like Crazy!
*If your weight dropped a bit more to say 195, then…
Protein = 1.5g / lb –> 195 x 1.5 = 300 grams of carbs for the day x 4 calories = 1170
Fats = 0.5g / lb –> 195 x 0.5 = 98 grams of carbs for the day x 9 calories = 882
Carbs = 0.5g /lb –> 195 x .5 = 98 grams of carbs for the day x 4 calories = 390
Calories = 2,442

*Rest Days Held EVERY WEEK, Bump Carbs ALL THE WAY UP TO 2.0grams /lb. and get ready to go again for another round the following week.

Phase 4 (Weeks 10-12): Repeat Phase 3, but lower numbers based on any weight loss again!

Nutrition tends to be the hardest part for most and yet the one area that has the greatest impact when combined with an intelligent exercise strategy. Let’s really get the hang of nutrition so you can produce the esthetic results and energy you are truly after.\

If you want similar success, simply mirror my examples and of course choose clean sources of food you enjoy and the correct amounts relative to your current weight and goals. Then of course hold yourself accountable to the week’s agenda and timetable as accurately as possible to reap the greatest benefit from your focused efforts. This particular art form of manipulating carbs takes some practice before you become a pro at this, so be patient! Our advanced students learn how to take 12 weeks and do this magic in ONLY SIX WEEKS!